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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, First of all I am going to say that my knowledge in coding is pretty low. I've created myself a HTML website based on a purchased HTML template and that's how far my experience with coding goes. I am a photographer and I want to give my clients the benefit of downloading their photos from my website. I have a NAS ( Network Attached Storage ) in my home and I wanted to use it as place from where the website reads content and displays it on the web page. To have access to the content of the NAS u need a username and a password. Right now I have the website configured to take the client to the NAS by the press of a button. My problem with this is that instead of having a photo gallery, the NAS displays a list of photos and the client must open every photo to see the content of it. I have tried to make the plugins from the NAS display a gallery, but it won't work. It's an older NAS ( Zyxel NSA310S ). Either I don't know how to configure the NAS to display a gallery instead of a ftp list or the plugins are a bit too old and/or nonfunctional. What I want to do is a web page where the client logs in with either username/password either with a pin and they are being sent to their own web page, they shouldn't have access to other pages from other clients. Can anyone help me with my problem? If the NAS option isn't viable I am thinking at linking the website with Google Drive. Thank you
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