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Found 2 results

  1. I currently need to finish a task for my project which needs me to create a Create a display component to show Select pet shop name and total Pets in that shop. For this tasks i created a several components,I had a function call "getPetsInPetShop" to do what i mention public static ArrayList<Pet> getPetsInPetShop(Petshop petshopName) { // this should go through all pets and return only those whose // pet shop name is the same as the parameter... //new arrylist to store information about pets ArrayList<Pet> result = new ArrayList<Pet>(); //loop thought the csv file for (Pet p : pet) { //if the user input a petshop name that can be found in the csv file if (p.getShop().equals(petshopName)) { //return thouse pet p result.add(p); } } //Here is the output return result; } I assume this can allow me to loop thought how many pets i got inside the selected pet shop and return it. On the other hand this is my code to pass the function when the program run. This is mousevent function, when the user click on it , a new panel will appear for them to input information. public class SelectPetShopControl implements MouseListener{ @Override public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) { JLabel clicked = (JLabel)e.getSource(); String PetShopName, TotalPets; SelectPetShopPanel spsp = (SelectPetShopPanel)clicked.getParent(); PetShopName = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter a pet shop name"); if(PetShopName != null){ TotalPets = ApplicationModel.getPetsInPetShop(TotalPets); spsp.setPetshop("Pet Shop Nmae: "+PetShopName); spsp.setTotalPets("Total: "+TotalPets); } } Everything in here is right expect "TotalPets = ApplicationModel.getPetsInPetShop(TotalPets);"The error message in here is incompatible types. I had look at some example and try to fix it by myself,but i realize i don't have enough technology to finish it. Many thanks
  2. Fmdpa

    Vcs News

    There is some major (IMO) VCS news today. Netbeans 7.1 beta was released today it offers integrated support for Git. It also added support for Mercurial branches and tags. Also, BitBucket added support for Git. Now Git fanatics can take advantage of BitBucket's free private repositories.
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