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Found 8 results

  1. I like to introduce a new css framework, Beautify.css. It's like bootstrap or w3.css. I can provide tutorials for it as HTML of markdown. Then You can publish it. Please help for the raise of a new css framework. Ask any Question, And I can answer.
  2. I have just created and uploaded a python module namely "sroot" . You can simply install it using pip in python cmd. By typing :- pip install sroot It works similar to math module bt the difference is that if you use math.sqrt(8) it will give 2.something, in decimal form Rather if you install sroot using pip and then just simply import sroot and type sroot.sqrt(8) it will give 2√2. Isn't it amazing. You can use any integer. Lemme know if you tried and liked it
  3. hello, 1 month ago i started to learn java from udemy and w3schools. actually im a russian language student at university. all i want is learn java for a basic app. i dont wanna be prof. medium degrees enough for me. but problem is, i know nothing about this world and what it could be. my question is where am i. i can answer all the questions at 3school's website java tutorial test questions. but i cant see from here "what is my level" "can i call myself as a rookie level" "with these knowlegde, can i make an basic education app" "are these questions enough for the basic level" help me guys
  4. Hello & Thanks , I am getting the following error: Whole code is here: I think it has to do with the placement of : truth01 = new TargetImages(); But I can't figure out where it should go . Thanks
  5. I am trying to create my own Image( ); Object. This is how the build in Image function works: var img = new Image(); // Create new img element img.src = 'myImage.png'; // Set source path ctx.drawImage(img,0,0) is going to draw the image loaded from the img.src property. But I don't understand why.. Why am I not required to type: ctx.drawImage(img.src,0,0) ?? In fact, that breaks the script. Saying Type Error Please help me out here, I want to create my own "new Image()" with custom properties and methods..
  6. I am new to web design and i have been wanting to create a website but i wanna do it by hand not use some lame website to help me create it-- I wanna write my own code. Should i draw out the website first then go through and learn what i need to or do the opposite.Basically I am just asking for advice from people who have experience. Which would be the better route to go, and help me learn html 5 or xhtml, css, and so on?
  7. What's up guys I am currently pursuing my Associate of Applied Science Degree in CIS Internet Specialist-Website Design. I started my first semester this January and planning to attend this fall on August. Looking at the courses I need to take seems like I may not get to learn much of the coding side. I will look up some of this courses to see what they offer. In the mean time I decided to get the ball rolling by teaching myself to code this whole summer to kind of get ahead of the game before I go back to school. Also I have a friend who is part of this huge organization of networking and there's tons of different people in it from different fields including IT. One of her jobs is updating their site, but only the organization in Atlanta GA which is where we live, since is so big they are all over the states like in Cali, Florida, NY, PR, Chicago and so on mainly the big cities. So we skyped a little bit about it she send me the link and when I looked at the site I was expecting a more professional site not that is not but it kind of looks plain. So she asked me if I wanted to take over the whole updating the site gig but as in donating my time without being paid. I though it was a great idea to kind of get my hands dirty and learn more of it. Also later on I will try to attend some of their events to kind of network as well. But I feel really nervous doing that right now since I haven't got myself in to much of web design & development. She invited me to the event they were having this wednsday but I told her it was too soon and I wasn't ready yet for that but I will soon. I need advice from you guys in this particular situation of what do you guys think? So moving along I do have the access pasword and username to edit the site which is going to be basic stuff updating info, adding pictures, adding new events etc... But their site seems like is set up under a WYSIWYG program under their own server. I haven't look at it much or play with it yet on my own but I will tonight. But thats how the site seems to have been build like since it doesn't need of a person to know coding to do some updates to the site every now and then. Well I was lurking around Google trying to figure out a way to teach myself to code and I am so glad I found W3. I started by following the tutorial to the basic of HTML to refresh my memory of when I took one class back in HS. I have been going through this for 2 days so far using notepad and my browser. I also downloaded Kompozer, Notepad++, and SBT2. I still don't know how to work this programs yet but working on that a bit frustrating but IL get there. ****Questions --What do you guys think so far about my college journey toward my Associate degree? --What do you guys think and suggest about the small gig I got offered from my friend? --What do you guys advice on those events the organization gets together from time to time. --What do you guys suggest I handle the gig, any idea how their site seems to be set up? In what ways will it help me? I will get back with more info about the set up. --What order or what method you guys suggest for me to master this field? So far I am at the basic of HTML stage and I though learning to code first and learn design after? I want to be able to learn to design and run websites, blogs and maybe E-Comm. Thanks you guys for reading if you got this far please any valuable advice would be appreciated.
  8. Hi,If someone needs a course on JavaScript... I KNOW A GREAT ONE!!It includes over 36 lectures and 25.5 hours of content!! It REALLY taught me JavaScript.Here´s the link: http://ude.my/2es9xBest wishes
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