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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I was experimenting with the <object> tag, putting one webpage inside another HTML document. I found that if I put a PDF in it appear just under 70% of its original size, .....even if I specify the height and width. <object src="folder/thumbnail.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="100" height="100"/> But if I put a PNG (of the same image, size unaltered) in another HTML document and call that in, it appears at 100%. <object data="page2.html" type="text/html"> alt : <a href="page2.html">page2.html</a> </object> ....WHY is this?
  2. Hello Internet. I would like to use the object tag to insert video into my website. I have been able to create video embedded into the website but have not found a way to have the video as a pop up when the website loads and give the user the option to "x" out of just the video clip. Please help! Thanks.
  3. Is it my imagination or does IE 8 really have a trouble executing the <object> tag. I have some javascript that loads an html fragment into an <object> tag the is wrapped in a div. The html fragment references a .xml file which puts a slideshow of a series of jpegs in the parent file. Works great in Firefox. Thought it would be an easy tweak to some settings to make it work in IE8. No luck. IE adds scrollbars and a grey border, worst of all it won’t load the content. Maybe there is a tweak I haven’t heard about…yet. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. These are the relevent code snippets, or see it in action at dg-ad.com: this snippet from the head: <!--define links to open in as <obj> in a <div> using .js--><script type="text/javascript">function updatePortfolioFrame(which){document.getElementById('portfolio').innerHTML = '<'+'object id="pf_window" name="pf_window" type="text/html" data="'+which.href+'"><\/object>';} this one allows you to click on the words School of Nursing...: <a href="PF-Skinner.html" onclick="updatePortfolioFrame(this); panelWidget.loadContent('PF-Skinner-TXT.html'); setSldPnlState_1(1); Slide_1('PF_Text_Panel'); return false;">SCHOOL OF NURSING<br />SKINNER HALL<br />UMASS AMHERST</a><br /> which loads PF-Skinner.html into the object tag, the class portfolio defines a width and height, some float: <div id="portfolio"> <object type="text/html" name="pf_window" class="portfolio" id="pf_window"></object></div><!--End portfolio_window for slidewhows--></div>
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