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Found 2 results

  1. I'm a senior HP Unix Systems Engineer, but I've never developed an actual web-based application.<b> I run Windows and Linux at home.<b> I have my own home-built SAN.<b> I did some basic MySQL installation and setup at work.<b> I have fairly decent SQL skills.<b> I want to create my own online application, but that application will need a very fast, back-end processing engine.<b> I am heavy into shell scripting, but that's not going to be fast enough to process the amount of data that I envision for this app.<b> I need to learn some kind of simple, yet powerful compiled language.<b> I started studying C++ 2 days ago, and so far, it looks fairly straight-forward and not too difficult.<b> What other "tools" do I need, in order to allow the new C++ programs to query and manipulate the actual MySQL database?<b> SQL by itself won't do it, PHP won't do it, as it's not compiled, and won't be fast enough to process the data in a timely manner.<b> At this time, I'm planning to build the web-based front-end using HTML and PHP.<b> I'm planning to use MySQL as the database itself.<b> Linux will of course be the O/S of choice.<b> I want to get this project off the ground as quickly as possible, so any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<b> Thanks in advance, and have a very happy holiday season.
  2. I created a schedule that imports table data from MSaccess database to MySql database a XML file is automatically created. Now in the XML file the function updates data by automatically recreating the table. Is there any way to update the new data by not deleting the table?here is my code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>- <job version="8.1">- <odbcimport>- <source> <host>localhost</host> <user>root</user> <pwd>admin</pwd> <port>3306</port> <ssl>0</ssl> <sslauth>0</sslauth> <clientkey /> <clientcert /> <cacert /> <cipher /> <charset /> <database>main_data</database> </source>- <dsn type="access"> <name>E:\Main_Data.mdb</name> <user>admin</user> <pwd>pass</pwd> </dsn>- <import source="query"> <query>select * from "AC_Group"</query> <table>ac_group</table> </import> <export target="data" />- <tables all="no">- <table source="Result" target="ac_group" type="MyISAM" index="no" foreignkey="no"> <ddl onconflict="recreate" /> <dml import="yes" onconflict="update" />- <triggers> <delete>no</delete> </triggers>- <columns>- <column> <source>ID</source> <target>id</target> <type>int</type> <length>10</length> <default /> <primary>no</primary> <binary>no</binary> <notnull>yes</notnull> <unsigned>no</unsigned> <autoincr>no</autoincr> <zerofill>no</zerofill> </column>- <column> <source>Mach_No</source> <target>mach_no</target> <type>int</type> <length>10</length> <default /> <primary>no</primary> <binary>no</binary> <notnull>no</notnull> <unsigned>no</unsigned> <autoincr>no</autoincr> <zerofill>no</zerofill> </column>- <column> <source>Dept_Name</source> <target>dept_name</target> <type>varchar</type> <length>255</length> <default /> <primary>no</primary> <binary>no</binary> <notnull>no</notnull> <unsigned>no</unsigned> <autoincr>no</autoincr> <zerofill>no</zerofill> </column>- <column> <source>Group_No</source> <target>group_no</target> <type>int</type> <length>10</length> <default /> <primary>no</primary> <binary>no</binary> <notnull>no</notnull> <unsigned>no</unsigned> <autoincr>no</autoincr> <zerofill>no</zerofill> </column>- <column> <source>Group_Say</source> <target>group_say</target> <type>varchar</type> <length>200</length> <default /> <primary>no</primary> <binary>no</binary> <notnull>no</notnull> <unsigned>no</unsigned> <autoincr>no</autoincr> <zerofill>no</zerofill> </column>- <column> <source>Time_1</source> <target>time_1</target> <type>int</type> <length>10</length> <default /> <primary>no</primary> <binary>no</binary> <notnull>no</notnull> <unsigned>no</unsigned> <autoincr>no</autoincr> <zerofill>no</zerofill> </column>- <column> <source>Time_2</source> <target>time_2</target> <type>int</type> <length>10</length> <default /> <primary>no</primary> <binary>no</binary> <notnull>no</notnull> <unsigned>no</unsigned> <autoincr>no</autoincr> <zerofill>no</zerofill> </column>- <column> <source>Time_3</source> <target>time_3</target> <type>int</type> <length>10</length> <default /> <primary>no</primary> <binary>no</binary> <notnull>no</notnull> <unsigned>no</unsigned> <autoincr>no</autoincr> <zerofill>no</zerofill> </column>- <column> <source>Time_4</source> <target>time_4</target> <type>int</type> <length>10</length> <default /> <primary>no</primary> <binary>no</binary> <notnull>no</notnull> <unsigned>no</unsigned> <autoincr>no</autoincr> <zerofill>no</zerofill> </column>- <column> <source>Time_5</source> <target>time_5</target> <type>int</type> <length>10</length> <default /> <primary>no</primary> <binary>no</binary> <notnull>no</notnull> <unsigned>no</unsigned> <autoincr>no</autoincr> <zerofill>no</zerofill> </column> </columns> </table> </tables> <abortonerror>no</abortonerror> <sendreport send="no" /> </odbcimport> </job>
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