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Found 3 results

  1. I am experiencing different results with IE, Chrome and Firefox on the same JS code. Specifically, it APPEARS that IE and Firefox are identically processing the onBlur Function I coded, the same, and that Chrome is processing differently. Ironically, it appears that Chrome is doing what I want. My question is: "Are there any posted or known differences as I have described?" OR - should I submit my code for evaluation?
  2. Are there any special thoughts on using "onblur" with IE11? I have the following code, between form tags, giving me problems - it doesn't goto the function script after data entry + a tab key (blur) or a mouse move. (blur). <input name="verified" type=email tabindex="2" onblur="comparemail()"> Help for this newbie is appreciated.
  3. On my web I display configuration info, that user can edit, in a table.The correct user behavior should be to press Enter key after editing the field in order to set the changes. If he "leaves" the field without pressing Enter- the changes will be dismiss.In order to do that- I use "onkeyup" and "onblur" "onkeyup"(1) set a flag that field's content has been changed(2) if the key is Enter (==13) , it sends the server a set request with the current value(*) also tried "onkeypress" or "onkeydown" "onblur" - check the flag if the field's content has been changed. if so- send a refresh request to server that re-send current saved data (and erase user's changes). I recently noticed that while it works great in Chrome, on Explorer pressing the Enter key sets both events, and sometimes only the "onblur" event, thus ignores user's requests.... Do you have any idea how to deal with it? THANKS!!!!
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