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Found 3 results

  1. I m a teenage student, interested in knowing the built of online editors and compilers for general purpose programming languages Can any one in the forum wanna help. I want to create it for my self. I don't want embed but wanna built it.
  2. WePro Beta version Hi, I've just updated WePro (my TryIt editor). I think the app is ready for a 'beta' version. Idea WePro was meant to be a learning tool. We can also use it for fast coding experiment. Buttons Run - Execute the code you typed on the input area (right-side). Reset - Clear the output (left-side area) and set default html on the input area. Template - Well, it was to help me creating snippets. Clear - Clear the output and input area. Snippets - Leads to snippets list that can be displayed and modified by user. About - Information about the app. Save - Open Save dialogue. You can save your code to .html, .js and .css file... as requested by Dominic on the other thread in this forum. Any feedback are STILL welcome. Thanks!
  3. I've just created a really simple online editor for HTML, Javasacript and CSS in "w3schools tryit" style. I call it WePro. The title stands for Web Programming, so, it doesn't mean I'm a pro developer. Feedback are welcome as this is one of my lesson in learning web programming. Please visit: WePro Hit "Run" to execute. The Code area is draggable and you can toggle it by clicking the "WePro title above the page. Is this any good?
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