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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, i've got a webpage which is password safe by htaccess, but i want to change a few things and i'd like to hear your opinions of how i should execute it at the end. What i've got is: you enter the webpage then you have 1 account to login with via htaccess and then you're on the webpage. What i want is: Something more safe than htaccess. That i can add more users with where i can see when they were last online etc. And idk if htaccess is bruteforce safe but i also need that. My plan was to create a landing page with a login mask connected to an sql database, where al
  2. birbal

    opinion about ORM

    Do you use ORM in your production or commercial application? I think ORMs are good for maintaining OO relation with datbase, But it has its limitation. For DML ORM is great for faster development and minimize duplication of code. But for DQL I think it is hard to do complex SQLs with ORM. Raw SQL would go along well. I have read somewhere it is not good to fit something like RDBMS to OO which it is not. Anyway i dont know how many open source and commercial application uses it. It looks like OSCommerce prefer to not use ORM. I have own written active record like ORM which uses Reflection
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