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Found 7 results

  1. Hey again, i have a small but quick question. How to define days in numbers oO?... i saw this online: $six_day_loader['max_dead_torrent_time'] = 6 * 3600; //6-days... and was hoping to kind of using this the same way for one of my projects... now, if i wish to delete a forum post after (lets say 12 days)... how to define this in numbers like above here?... how many numbers are there at a day?, and how to find out?..can someone clarify this for me, i just dont get it yet... i think oO?... Hoping you can help somehow again x)...
  2. hello again...i have been thinking, when im making a table, lets say 100% to fill out the div i just gave, it DOES go out.. but when i have like 3 td's to fill out, it keeps pushing to the other site.... i would like it like shown below: PICTURE ATTACHED in the picture you can see however much text you now put in, the boxes still have the same width.. is that a normal css class editing with width?, or some sort of speciel method you guys use?... Hoping you understood what i said, had a little bit trouble explaining about it, lol X)...
  3. hello, a quick question that might be obvoisly to me, but still needed to be answered due to my stupidness X)... is it possible to write php INTO a css file?.. like if/else statements with user sessions?.. coz i was thinking, im about to create a shoutbox for my panel, and was thinking if i somehow could get in the user table a row called like shout_background_color or something like that, with INT, then they would be able to choose like colors, background color, and so on by making if/else statements in there.. never tried it, but would like to ask here first if possible, and will it ruin the XHTML valid?... and yes, a rookie question, but even a rookie question can be wise.. lol, you get my point i suppose ...
  4. yoyo w3...a question is needed again.. i was the other day looking at a friends website, and i saw this in he's coding: EXAMBLE: <head><meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html'; charset='iso-8859-2' /><title>TITLE</title><link rel='shortcut icon' href='favicon.ico' /><link rel='stylesheet' href='CSS.css' type='text/css' /></head><body><main class='outer'><main class='main'>123</main></main></body></html> now to my question, the MAIN tags itself, is that a good or bad way of coding?... i mean, if it was me and i was designing, lets say a webshop, then i would use div's and tables... but the way he is coding, i did see it before some other time on a email system thing, but my question is if it would be better that way or the other?, or does it really matter?... -thanks
  5. Hello W3S... what im trying to do here is to call a function that have some div's in it...and here is my code im using for this: <center><div id="content_body"><center><!--/**********************/--><div class="content_left"><?phpecho full_width_auto_begin_box("Latest News");include ("mods_content/index/news.php");echo full_width_auto_end_box();?></div><!--/**********************/--><div class="content_right"><?phpecho full_width_auto_begin_box("Stats");include ("mods_content/index/stats.php");echo full_width_auto_end_box();?></div><!--/**********************/--></center></div><div class="clear"></div></center> and as you see, then i also added a div class called clear at the end... but it still is confucing somehow... so here is my functions code below: /*Inner (Box auto_100%) Mod Function*/function full_width_auto_begin_box($caption = ""){$begin = "<div class='100_auto_box_background'><div class='100_auto_box_title'><b>".$caption."</b></div><div class='100_auto_box_content'>";return $begin;}function full_width_auto_end_box(){$end = "</div><div class='100_auto_box_footer'><a href=''>To Top</a></div></div>";return $end;}/*Inner (Box auto_100%) Mod Function*/ and below here is my .CSS...: /*CLASSES*/.clear {clear:both; /*SKAL HAVE EN START/###### DIV MED CLASS CLEAR FOR AT FOOTEREN IKKE IRITERRE FLOATSNE...*/}/*CLASSES*//*BOX auto_100% CSS*/.100_auto_box_background {width:100%;background-color: #808080;text-align:left;}.100_auto_box_title {width:auto;background-color: #616161;background-image:url(images/backgrounds/tables_titles/black_1.png);background-size:contain;text-align:left;font-size:20px;}.100_auto_box_content {padding:10px;width:auto;height:auto;background-color: #808080;text-align:left;}.100_auto_box_footer {width:auto;background-color: #616161;background-image:url(images/backgrounds/tables_titles/black_1.png);background-size:contain;text-align:center;}/*FOR THE LINK DECORATION IN THE BOX FOOTER...*/.100_auto_box_footer a:link { /*unvisited Links*/color:#990000;text-decoration:underline;}.100_auto_box_footer a:visited { /*Visited Links*/color:#990000;text-decoration:underline;}.100_auto_box_footer a:hover { /*mouse over link*/color:#990000;text-decoration:underline;}.100_auto_box_footer a:active { /*selected link*/color:#000000;}/*FOR THE LINK DECORATION IN THE BOX FOOTER...*//*FOR THE LINK DECORATION IN THE BOX CONTENT...*/.100_auto_box_content a:link { /*unvisited Links*/color:#900;/*background-color:#333333;*/border: 1px solid #990000;}.100_auto_box_content a:visited { /*Visited Links*/color:#900;}.100_auto_box_content a:hover { /*mouse over link*/color:#900;background-color:#333333;}.100_auto_box_content a:active { /*selected link*/color:#900;}/*FOR THE LINK DECORATION IN THE BOX CONTENT...*//*BOX auto_100% CSS*/ hoping someone can help me :/... Note that this is when im trying to make 2 things between each other... but when im putting it right under each item like so below: <center><div id="content_body"><center><!--/**********************/--><?phpecho begin_box("Latest News");include ("mods_content/index/news.php");echo end_box();echo "<br />";echo begin_box("Stats");include ("mods_content/index/stats.php");echo end_box();?><!--/**********************/--></center></div></center> and that is without a clear/both...ideas?...
  6. hello w3schools... was wondering... im searching for the momment being for good and relieable sources to start up a reseller company... and the only 2 sources i find nice is ->opencart (newest version...)->BoxBilling (newest version...)... so here is my problem/question... does anyone in here knows how i can integrate boxbilling billing system into opencart?... because opencart is a shop and not recommended for hosting bills and such stuff... but boxbilling is... but i also like to sell stuff (one time)... and there opencart comes in handy and not boxbilling... so anyone... knows how to integrate the boxbilling system into the opencart?... and yeah... its a bigger project... i know... because boxbilling are running all billings automaticly... so it will be alot of ###### of coding... but still... have been looking alot and have made my mind clear... the only thing is that im needing a little help to do the first step ... so... hoping answers soon ... BUMP: Dont know if this is the right section... but also kinda discuss-able thread... so... discuss... .
  7. Hello W3S... i have a little trouble here witch im in a need of little help with...im for the momment being trying to make a new portfolio design... the only problem im standing with right now is the box im making... (VIEW AT PICTURE IVE ADDED BELOW...) well... what im trying to do is to make a (latest News) box... but note that i said (box)... all the elements/modifications im making on my portfolio should be places into a nice designed box...that would look alot pretty... the only problem is that i dont know how to make these boxes... orr... yeah... i can, but it would take hours/days... since im not the best when its comming to the box-making css/html part... and besides that, i also need help to code the news box so (as seemed in the picture added...),so people can see (date added,they can drop the table down with a java-klappe,ect...) but the most important part is to code/design the box...so if you could give me some sort of tutorial how to add... then i would be so freaking happy! ... thanks dudes... hoping someone can help me out. .Hoping answers soon... Regards: rootKID EDIT: If you did not understand what i just said... then leave a comment and i will (try) my best to make a new and more explained/detailed stuff of the problem i have... thanks..
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