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Found 8 results

  1. I have many lines of text. <div style="max-height:400px; overflow:scroll;"> many lines of text </div> How do I get my css to display a div at the bottom instead of the top of a scrollable div?
  2. Hey there, So I am toying around with a slideshow sort of display and discovered a strange result when I use position absolute in conjunction with overflow hidden on its parent. If any of you know why this is happening Id love to know, and possibly either a way around it or a better overall solution, that be great! To explain the issue I left it as overflow visible so you can see how it should function in theory, then you can see how it breaks when I attempt to hide it. HTML: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="des
  3. guys i need your help. .a {width:500px; height:300px; overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y:auto; } i have a div which shows messages like facebook. i want to open the page with overflow-y but it wont up it will show end of div. Scroll should be down when page opens.
  4. This is about the overflow-x and overflow-y properties, which are explained here: http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_overflow-y.asp I thought I would understand the explanations, but when I used the "try it" editor, setting the overflow-y property in the example provided, to either 'scroll' or 'visible', produce both the same effect: A vertical scrollbar is shown. From the explanation, I expected to see a scrollbar in the example when overflow-y is set to scroll, but not when it is set to visible I tried this on fairly new versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and on IE11
  5. Hello everyone i made this site for a client and im using a new standard to create the site so there are some issues with itThe one i wanted to address was that i created the banner content for the home page (and smaller banners for other pages) to be 2000px in length in order to have a clearer feel on larger screensthis works for every computer and mac screen however when you switch to the phone or any tablet, the tablet browser registers it as content and scales the page in a very odd fashionI have attached both screenshots so you can see the problem but the address is: mrmartusa.comMy goal
  6. I have an overflow tag set in body element that is working on one div element, but not the other. Could it be caused by the fact that the second div has a z-index? I've tried placing the overflow directly in the <div id="column3">, which is where the overflow, is happening to no avail. Does anyone see the problem or have any tips? Thanks. I've posted a junk site, so you can see the problem. http://aphoniastudios.com/TestSite/test.html Here's the css: @charset "UTF-8";/* CSS Document */ <style type="text/css">html {height:100%}body {background: #CCC;width: 90%;height: 90%overflow:
  7. Ok so I made a little scrolly box thing for my stories on my websites little html slide show thingy with all the link buttons right. Well on the first slide it worked, but on the 2nd, the scroll box wouldn't show up. I tried it again with the 3rd. Same thing, yet the first one shows up, and the page is perfect. Help please. Ill post the code. <html> <head> <title> Picture Five </title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css" /> </head> <body> <table class="SS"> <tr> <td class="navigation"> &l
  8. I have a problem with the overflow function on my page, somehow when the function is active the elements height gets inactive. It has to be 100% but it renders thin. this is the page: http://bram-de-leeuw.nl/filmlapse/ When you disable the overflow in the chrome console it renders 100%, i dont know how to fix this, i tried setting next to height the top and bottom properties to 0 i hope you know whats the issue!many thanks in advance!
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