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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all. I'm still trying to make sense of a problem I have with a web page which does not function as it should. It is a squeeze page and should be linked to an auto responder.The auto responder package is not held on the same server as the squeeze page but I uploaded some files into the same folder to give the 'look' of the page, which was successful and, I thought, the function.To illustrate.This is the page in question.http://www.canwork-fromhome.com/Cash-inIn the header there is a line that mentions source= function.js, or something similar. So, I copied to the holding folder the function.js file, thinking it would work but it does not. I believe there must be more going on that I thought.Now, if you visit;http://www.yourfuture2012.co.uk/future/register.php?list_id=3this is the original page which I copied over. This one is held on the same server as the whole auto responder package, and it works as it should.So, my problem is, do I try and find out if the function.js file is actually linked to more files in the auto responder package, copy them over to my holding folder and see if that works or could there be some way to link the page in the 1st url above with the second so I have the look and the functionality that I am striving to achieve.You'll have to go to each page and use so you can see what I mean.Hope someone can make sense of this.ThanksJ.M.
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