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Found 2 results

  1. Please open to this page and click on the image. It will open to another page whereupon two pop-up light boxes will appear. The goal of the following code is to suppress the pop-ups when, and only when, the image is clicked. Obviously it fails. .htaccess File <IfModule mime_module> <Files overview.html> AddType application/x-httpd-ea-php56 .php .html </Files> </IfModule> this page - http://www.grammarcaptive.com/single_payment_acknowledgment.php <?php session_start(); $_SESSION['perform_nav'] = 1; ?> Target Page - http://www.grammarcaptive.com/overview.html <?php session_start(); ?> <script> var navtype = <?php echo $_SESSION['perform_nav']?>; if(typeof navtype != "undefined" && navtype !== null) { performance.navigation.type === 1; } </script> The Javascript - http://www.grammarcaptive.com/_utilities/javascript/overview.js if (performance.navigation.type === 0) { $.colorbox({opacity: '0.70', transition: 'elastic', speed: 700, width: 700, height: 'auto', scrolling: false, html:"<div id='welcome_slide'> <table> <tr> <td width=250 height='auto'> <img src='_images/freed_captive.png' height=200 width=200 /> </td> <td width=450 height='auto'> <h1>Hi!</h1><h2>My name is Roddy.</h2> <p class='welcome'>This is your gateway out of the prison of bad grammar.</p><p>Let me show you to the final gate!</p></td> </tr> </table> </div>", onClosed: function() { $("iframe.splash").colorbox({iframe: true, fastiframe: false, fixed: false, opacity: "0.65", open: true, rel: 'sweet', width: 700, height: 450, closeButton: true, href: function(){ var href = $(this).attr('src'); return href; } }); }}); } REQUEST: Can you suggest any adjustment that might produce the desired effect? Roddy
  2. SET-UP: When you open to the main page of my website two consecutive splash panels appear. The second of these leads you to a form with a reward for its completion. If the form is successfully completed, a confirmation page appears that congratulates you on successful completion of the form and invites you to return to the main page. Under normal conditions an if-statement whose condition is performance.navigation.type === 0 suppresses the splash panels from reoccurring when the main page is refreshed. When the main page is reopened from the confirmation page, however, this suppression technique fails. QUESTION: How would you recommend that I suppress the reoccurrence of the splash panels when the user seeks to access my site's main page using the link provided on the confirmation page? Mind you, I wish to retain the current suppression of the main page in the event that the users seeks to refresh the page! For example, is there a way that I could fool the browser into thinking that the main page is being refreshed when it is opened from the confirmation page?
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