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Found 5 results

  1. I downloaded a piece of software from github but I can not really get it working, so I would like to get some tips of people who have used this. The name of the script is PHPMailer. I have the latest version. I decided to use gmail for smtp. with autentication. In the troubleshooting they recommended to use composer, but I dont get what / why they want it. What is composer used for? As far as i get it is used to run php commands from a command line. This my script: <?php // Import PHPMailer classes into the global namespace // These must be at
  2. Hi, I'm using PHPMailer to send email from a contact form using gmail SMTP which requires to include the SMTP password directly in the PHP script like so $mail->Password = 'mypassword'; According to what I've found on the net, it seems that it's not recommended since the password can be easily hacked. Thus, I'm wondering how to do to protect my password. I've found people recommending to put the password in an INI file outside the webroot and then to retrieve it using parse_ini_file() function. My problem is that I'm not sure I understand the "outside the webroot" part… if
  3. BACKGROUND: I am setting up an email verification routine that receives $_POST data from a form and sends a confirmation email to the applicant with a verification link. The form and the PHP processing routines that store the $_POST data in a MySQL database, and that send out the confirmation email in text format are contained in the same document. The HTML formatted confirmation email is contained in an external file and is included using the following PHP-Mailer method: $mail->msgHTML(file_get_contents('../../confirmation_mail.html'), dirname(__FILE__)); GOAL: Include in t
  4. Hello, I have a problem involving Phpmailer and a While loop. Actually I have always had problems to sending emails this way. Now for instance I can send e-mails trough an IF (instead of While) and the following script works fine. But as soon as I change it into While it doesn't. Even the last part of the script (UPDATE) doesn't work (it worked upon IF). I am trying with just two e-mails to be sent and only the first one is sent.I would be so happy to solve this issue. While loop is really important when it comes to sending e-mails. This is my script: ...include('conexioninclude.php');mysql_
  5. please help I know it's something silly , i cannot get the selecter checkboxes to send to the mail index.php <?phpsession_name("fancyform");session_start();$_SESSION['n1'] = rand(1,20);$_SESSION['n2'] = rand(1,20);$_SESSION['expect'] = $_SESSION['n1']+$_SESSION['n2'];$str='';if($_SESSION['errStr']){ $str='<div class="error">'.$_SESSION['errStr'].'</div>'; unset($_SESSION['errStr']);}$success='';if($_SESSION['sent']){ $success='<h1>Thank you!</h1>'; $css='<style type="text/css">#contact-form{display:none;}</style>'; unset($_SESSION['
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