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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! So, I am having issues with my portfolio gallery... I can get the modal to work, finally, thanks to you guys. I was wondering if you could help with another issue. The gallery has the columns uneven and it is driving me batty. I can get them to be the same size if I adjust the size of the image, but that makes it look tacky in another way, I want the column to extend with blank space to make everything the same height. Is this possible? If so, how? http://technicolor-dreams.net/fan-001.html In the above link you can see what I am talking about =( Also attaching relevant pages of coding. Thanks! -Sarah css.css fan-001.html layout.html menu.html
  2. Webaluc

    Portfolio CSS

    Hi all! I am a beginner with CSS and I am playing with this w3schools portfolio gallery with filtering: https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=FNQ6Q8IJ733Y Two questions: Q1. Row horizontal alignment In my example, the "Lorem Ipsum" text of the "White Mustang" image is longer, so that the 3rd row is not well aligned. How to make the rows always aligned, even if texts are longer in the previous rows? Q2. Number of columns depending on the device In this example, there are always three columns. I would like the number of columns to change depending on the device. For example: • 3 columns on a Desktop • 2 columns on an iPad • 1 column on a Mobile phone Thank you!
  3. Hey Guys, I know I have had a long hiatius from this website. However, I check back every now and then. I have been working with my internship to make this Jeep Dealership website, I have done all the design and coding. And I just want your guy's opinions. Http://www.codekrewe.com/wrangler Thanks Guys, Krewe
  4. Hello, Just finished my new portfolio site. Please let me know what you think.http://www.t2cweb.com -James
  5. I've been freelancing for a year now and feel my skills haven't improved all that much. I currently don't have any complex projects in the pipeline so now I really want to work in a team with a company to learn more.Based on what I have in my portfolio, what position should/can I go for? If my portfolio isn't strong enough what do you suggest I do to improve it? I would like to ideally pursue some kind of developer role.Everything was designed and built by me. I have used a jQuery scrollbar script and a php validation script from the web but the rest is all me :-) Portfolio link: http://dummytest.biz
  6. This is my portfolio site that I am working on. I am not great with body copy so I am relying on imagery to distract from the fact that I do not have a lot of that and it's not my strong suit. The images on the work page is just placeholders. Any comments or critiques are welcome. http://www.t2cweb.com/newt2c/
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