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Found 1 result

  1. Hello my name is Alexander, the last year and a half I've been trying to work on building websites myself. I work on it for a few days or weeks out of a single month, then I quit for a few months and started back up. I quit because my frustration and inability to learn this stuff. I have read and watched and asked so many people, forms, Videos, guides and other tutorials. I'm not familiar with a lot of the terminology and other file associations that go along with building websites. I use Adobe Dreamweaver and probably not use anything else. I know most of the Adobe product and found out but Dreamweaver and other utilities like this for building websites I just can't understand why things don't work. I've attached a file below for anybody that would kindly help me. This is what my problem is, I created a couple different stylesheets and type the code in myself. One of which is header. In header, there is the Div ID for logo frame and within Logo frame there is a logo div and logo text. underneath the logo frame, I have another div element called banner frame. and within banner frame there are two more div's that create a border and the banner image.note: I'm not using the word frame referencing to an actual frame with in HTML code whatever it is. I'm simply referring to frame as the name in which I call things for my own understanding. Not to get anyone confused. For whatever reason, the banner frame moves itself on top of the logo frame. I've literally spent days staring at my computer screen and try and understand positioning and how div tags work with CSS. I'm not exaggerating I've literally spent 6 hours just now before writing this messing with every feature trying to get them to stack up properly. So I decided that a margin from the top pushing the better frame in the correct spot underneath the logo frame. I also have a div tag called page content that stacks up underneath the banner frame with no problems. In page content, there are some more div tags that are displaying correctly it would seem. However when I tried to add my footer CSS and create a new DIV element for this, it puts it on top of my page content. Now the reason why can't the margin this time is because I need what ever is in page content to auto set the height depending on what's inside of it. As of right now I have a website that I have to manually adjust every page they correct height altering and creating duplicate CSS code within those stylesheets just to accommodate this. So now you can feel my frustration this hopefully. In one hand I'm a computer engineer who knows way too much and in the other I am below novice in the HTML coding. So that's why it looks like I know I'm doing, but I really don't. A lot of people had told many use tables in the past. Personally I think the word table just sounds old to me. On top of that all the websites that I checked out. Don't use tables in any other code . If they do using a keyword search and other methods don't seem to bring any results. I tried replicating other people's websites such as trend micro.com. They are using all CSS stylesheets and Div tags but I can't seem to get it right what they're doing. I've also use the program rapid Weaver and exported their code, simple webpage that looks just like mine but again I can't figure out what they're doing. Part of the reason is because they had too much code going to other things it does not pertain. thank you for any help in advance. Merry Christmas to all. Template Test.zip
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