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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Is it possible at all that when a cookie is created, either on a subdomain or domain, that it places a copy of it on all other subdomains, compared to passing a query string from page to page with a view to achieving the same? Kind regards
  2. Hello, How may I take the contents of a cookie and append it to a URL so it is passed to the next page? The reason is so that its contents are available so a cookie can be made from it (that code already works on the site). Also, if the page sent to has a URL forward to a different page, can the query string still survive and go all the way to the final destination page? Kind regards
  3. Hi all, I’m learning to code and building a site to push my learning along. However, I am having a frustrating issue. On my site I would like to have search functionality, but for the search to be completed on a different URL. I understand this requires query parameters, but I'm a bit lost. For example, if my site is “www.mysite.com” I would like a user to be able to input their city (could be any city in the world) and then select an option from a dropdown menu, say ‘running’ or ‘cycling’ and then the combination of the two querys added together and executed on “www.fitnessbuddies123xyz.com” (for example) and if someone had added a listing for a fitness buddy on “www.fitnessbuddies123xyz.com” and the string matched a URL on that site then the results would appear. My current HTML is below: Firstly, I have a text box: <input type="text" class="form-control-lg form-control" id="inputText12" placeholder="City"> And then there is a drop-down menu, with three set options: <select class="form-control form-control-lg" id="exampleFormControlSelect1"> <option>Running</option> <option>Cycling</option> <option>Walking</option> </select> I then have a button: <a href="url" class="btn btn-lg btn-block btn-primary">Search</a> Any help on how I can create the query string for the text box and dropdown menu and then execute on an external URL would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. BACKGROUND: While I continue to struggle with my wget problem, I would like to reaffirm a discussion that we had already two or three months ago about the use of hash marks in an HTTP Request query string. Please consider the following HTTP Request copied from a Matomo API request generated by Matomo. I only initiated the request, I did not create it. https://www.nudge.online/_utilities/php/matomo/index.php ?module=CoreHome &action=index &idSite=1 &period=day &date=yesterday #?idSite=1 &period=day &date=yesterday &category=General_Actions &subcategory=Actions_SubmenuSitesearch Is it not likely that the above request is one request riding piggy-back on another that upon arrival get split and are made into two separate requests? If my interpretation is indeed accurate, then why make the initial request at all, as it appears to add no new information. Why not just write and send the following: https://www.nudge.online/_utilities/php/matomo/index.php ?module=CoreHome &action=index &idSite=1 &period=day &date=yesterday &category=General_Actions &subcategory=Actions_SubmenuSitesearch Any ideas? Roddy ps: I know it seems silly to have to post these questions at W3Schools, but this reflects the desert of support that Matomo offers while making its software free to the general public. Although it is surely true that beggars should not be choosers, how can one possibly expect to promote one's software without providing even the most minimal support needed to make it work!
  5. BACKGROUND: I was recently introduced to the idea of using a hash as a means to transfer information in lieu of a query string in an HTTP request. Having thought that I understood the idea I was then introduced to the following query string: https://www.example.com/index.php ?module=CoreHome &action=index &idSite=1 &period=day &date=yesterday #?idSite=1 &period=day &date=yesterday &category=Dashboard_Dashboard &subcategory=1 I do not understand the user the expression ... #? ... From the point of view of parsing an HTTP request are the following two hash expressions treated the same? 1) https://www.example.com/index.php#blahblahblah 2) https://www.example.com/index.php?some_query_string#blahblahblah Accept for the order of parsing do items 2) and 3) achieve the same task? 3) https://www.example.com/index.php#blahblahblah?some_query_string Roddy ps: In which forum to questions about HTTP requests belong anyway?
  6. I am looking for some hints regarding sending people links to my website, http://dg-ad.com A user clicks a project link from a list of projects, below is an example of a project link: <a href="PF-Skinner.html" onclick="updatePortfolioFrame(this); return false;">SCHOOL OF NURSING UMASS AMHERST</a> Using javascript's innerHTML and which/this functions, an iframe is placed in a div. The src for the iframe is the href from the anchor tag. This href references a small html file that is a list of jpegs that are then displayed as a slide show in an iframe on the parent page. This is the script: <script type="text/javascript">function updatePortfolioFrame(which){document.getElementById('portfolio').innerHTML = '<'+'iframe id="pf_window" name="pf_window" type="text/html" frameborder="no" scrolling="no" src="'+which.href+'"><\/iframe>';}</script> Now if you surf to the site, the parent page does not display any slideshow, the user navigates to projects using menus. This is the question: I want to be able to send people links to the parent page with the slideshow of a specific project open in the iframe. My javascript function updatePortfolioFrame specifies the src of the iframe as a variable. I suspect that I can pass the variable in the URL/link to the function. If this is the right concept could anyone suggest some direction for me to follow, some code, some keywords to google, or some web sites that may illustrate some methods. Thanks for thinking about this. Daniel
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