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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I'd just like to ask about coping a picture file from one folder to another, then rename the copied file. At present I've written: $mstr_dir = "/core/graphics/"; $fle = "noimage.png"; $usr_folder = "/core/user/images/"; if (!copy("/core/graphics/noimages.png" , "/core/user/images/noimages.png")) { echo "ERR: ". error_reporting(E_ALL) . ini_set("display_errors", 1) . "<br>"; } error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set("display_errors", 1); chmod("noimage.png",0777); $up_file = $last_id . ".png"; rename ('/core/user/images/noimages.png' , '/core/user/images/' . $up_file); However I'm getting the error number 22519, and the file is not been copied. I've already checked the path names and they do exist. Also with copy, I have tried " and ' both don't work. I'd just like to ask if theres an error in my code that I'm missing, and any idea what the error number 22519 refers to? Thank You.
  2. hello.... I have file foto with name : my foto You.flv_snapshot_00.18_[2013.06.24_12.12.05].jpg I have do upload that foto , the picture move to directori but not save in database.... I think the problem lies name my picture ... .. How to rename foto be name valid more .. thnks Regards ...
  3. hello again, since im not sure this is php coding related, ill just go ahead and type in here.correct me if im wrong.. well, im using latest version of verot.net.its a script created for resize pictures and stuff like that, i have used it ALOT in the past.so i was thinking of using it for a project. and everything works just fine as i can see for now.all but the picture names. when i am uploading a picture, i would like to change the name to the user_id given in the database. i DO had succes with this also on the upload, but the trouble is with the picture.i just CANT in anyway and anyhow i try to change the freaking name once its moving to my server. its keeping the same name, and its pretty annoying -.-'... any ideas?...code below: if(!empty($_FILES['user_picture']))//allways form name...{$handle = new Upload($_FILES['user_picture']);//starting picture uploader..if ($handle->uploaded){ $handle->image_resize = true; $handle->image_ratio = false; //$handle->image_convert = gif;//a different pic format... $handle->image_x = 100; //Width in Pixels... $handle->image_y = 100; //Height in Pixels... $handle->Process('user_pics/'); $id = mysql_insert_id();//id just given in the database... //$image = $handle->file_dst_name;//avatar with real name... $image = $handle->file_new_name_body = $id;//avatar with changed name... (DOSENT WORK...) //mysql_query("INSERT INTO users (user_avatar) VALUES ('$image')"); mysql_query("UPDATE users SET user_avatar = '$image' WHERE u_id = '$id'");}}//end empty statement... thanks ALOT in advance!...
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