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Found 2 results

  1. I have this really annoying problem with my webfont having different natural spacing on my Mac compared to the PC.Here's the difference: MAC: PC: As you can see the natural spacing is beneath the text on Mac and above on PC. The problem is cross browser. I've tried all kinds of css tweaking including line-height, padding, height of div; but as you can see the problem is apparently not in the css but in the font rendering itself.Anyone with a clue about this?Thanks!
  2. Hi I've used W3Schools for a good few years and find it the best educational tool for HTML and CSS. Thanks guys! I was really pleased to discover recently that you have forums, too. I have a problem with the display on my wife's site, which appears to only manifest itself on IE7 (and earlier). The display is as intended on IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. My concern is obviously for those using IE browsers older than IE8. The site itself (in its current format) was originally built about five years ago, when my knowledge was confined to the use of tables for layout as opposed to using divs and css as I would now; were I to built the site from scratch. Because there are hundreds of photos on the site, I've never had the inclination to re-code it. The Home page, at least, validates - with the exception of a marquee banner, which I know will never validate. The URL is as follows: http://www.hillsntoes.co.uk/ - the css (if required) can be found at: http://www.hillsntoe...ayout/style.css . There are two problems - the first of which is critical. My horizontal menu bar does not display at all in IE7, thus making navigation (almost) impossible. The second problem relates to placement. Line spacing (both on the 'Home' and 'Zumba' tabs) where I'm using the sign for a registered trade mark (coded "®") is "squashed". Additionally, the placement of the 'Zumba Romford' and 'ZIN' logos on the 'Zumba' tab are vertically displaced downwards by about 60px. To reiterate; neither of these problems occur in other than IE7 and earlier (certainly in IE6 - I don't have access to anything earlier). The problems seem to occur irrespective of Windows platforms (tried on XP, Vista and 7). If anybody can shed any light on why I'm getting these problems, I'd be very grateful. Thanks and regards Webbo
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