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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I'm trying to create a site in CSS which uses the @media only screen command to display an output depending on the size of the screen which the site is being viewed from - i.e dynamic response. I am altering a tutorial to suit my needs and in the initial tutorial there are three size specifications which were set up: @media only screen and (max-width : 480px)@media only screen and (min-width : 481px) @media only screen and (min-width : 1024px) I wanted to add to this and create a fourth rule for screen sizes between 800 and 1024 and so added the following command and set up
  2. Hello Internet, I am struggling with what I am guessing is a relatively simple concept. I have looked at some tutorials on W3 and did general searches on the internet. The effect I am trying to accomplish it to have the image I supply as a background image scale with the screen size - screen size meaning 100% vs 75% vs 50%. In the attachment the Tan area is an image I want to scale with the screen size. My primary two constraints are: 1. I want the background color to be a dark gray 2. I also want the tan image that is 1000px wide centered in the screen. The h
  3. I believe this is a CSS layout problem, because it's a problem between all my pages. I have a jello-format website with 5 image-based hyperlinks. I am on my homepage at a certain screen size. I click on any hyperlink to view another screen. To my demise, my hyperlinks and text are suddenly larger because my screen-size did not carry from my homepage to my current screen. I would like each visitor to see my pages in sync of eachother, for my hyperlinks on each page to be the same size. It would be a pain for them to resize the screen to their desire. However - I'm beginning to believe that I do
  4. I think I am ready to roll out the first version of my site. I looked at my site on three different computers in my house and they all chose to format my web content differently. I am using a margin float command to place three table sidebyside but when I open up my site on other computers (not the one i made my site on) it formats it differently. How do I ensure that my site automatically sizes its ouput to keep the site looking the same always on every computer?
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