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Found 5 results

  1. Keem


    Hello W3scholars... I have been using W3schools for months and I found it more interesting... I am suggesting that you may Include the bash scripting as well
  2. Hello, gentlemen.Can you give me a quick tip about how can i achieve some server side things.Truly i just don't know what i need to learn.What i need, is to be able to send value of some JS variable of user1 to the same JS variable of user2. Value need to be send from user1 if user1's value changed, and user2's function must start as soon as he receives this value.How can i achieve this value transferring between users of my page.Am I moving in right direction with learning ASP.NET Web Pages, or i totally misunderstood their purpose?
  3. This looked like the most likely forum to start with for this problem; apologies if it is not. Although I have done some serious programming in the past, it was mainly Fortran (with some DCL while acting as a VAX VMS system manager) and in the last ten years or so ABAP and VBA, I am a complete novice in web scripting. I do maintain three very simple web sites, but they are just HTML. I now wish to expand the functionality of my websites with both browser and server scripting. I am starting to make progress with the browser scripting but I have a fundamental problem with the server scripting. I am currently running the websites on the free web space provided by my ISP. There is no documentation provided for this facility other than giving the FTP upload details. In fact I can not see any evidence in their current broadband offering that they even offer webspace. My previous communications with the support desk gives me no confidence that they will understand any questions I might ask about scripting, let alone be able to answer them. Since at present I am unlikely to get my scripts correct, I do not know whether it is my problem or the server is simply not supporting any scripting. Is there any simple known working code that I can use to verify which scripting language might be supported on a server? Many thanks.
  4. Hello, At my website, I am trying to design a record of the articles I read similar to Richard Stallman's Political Notes or, Dave Winer's more complicated linkblog. Browsing Stallman's html, I understand that each note has an anchor that organizes it by date. Then, I'm not totally sure how, the notes are sort of cross posted to date-specific pages available from the links at the top of the page. In Stallman's markup, there's a comment indicating a line needed for scripts, which leads me to believe that Stallman uses some kind of script to quickly organize each note into the date-specific pages. Without having to create a script, is there some way I can organize my links into category-specific pages with them also appearing on the main notes subdomain? If I do need to use a script, does anyone know of something basic I can use to do what I need? Thanks for any and all help. Let me know if this needs to be clarified. Take care, Gabriel
  5. Hey there,I was wondering how at times Wikipedia displays that banner at the top of every page when they want one to be there. I use php inlcudes for my website but I know thats probably not what there using because sometimes there is no banner. I guess another great example would be how YouTube sometimes haves alerts for new things going on at the top. Any thoughts / how to do this would be great! Thanks, Allen Lawson
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