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Found 5 results

  1. I incorporated the "Dropdown in TopNav" code, but I have a dropdown list that's over 70 items long. How would I incorporated a scrolling function to this menu, or make it possible to view all the entries by scrolling down using the mouse wheel? Thanks!
  2. HTML5 seems to have a function that marks the results of a search in the scroll bar. Is there a way to use these scrollbar highlights without a search? I have a number of large HTML documents, in which a number of terms are highlighted in different colours. It would be great if the location of these highlighted terms could be signaled on the scrollbar, in the same way search results are indicated, in order to make browsing through these documents easier. Does anyone have an idea how to do this? Thanks!
  3. hi all,how do i customize an up and down scroll bar so it has colour and not standard and boring?
  4. Fresco

    Hide scroll bar

    I'm using Firefox web browser which has an add-on that lets you override whatever style you want.So my goal is to use that add-on to hide the scroll bar in the right side of the screen.There are two situations:1) The page doesn't require the scroll bar.2) The page has a scroll bar, and I want to hide it. I'm currenly using this script to hide the scroll bar, however this script works well when the page has a scroll bar.When the page doesn't have a scroll bar, the script rips off 16 pixels from the page (the default width of the scroll bar) Here's the script: /* hide vertical scrollbar */notificationbox { overflow-x: hidden;}browser[type="content-primary"], browser[type="content-targetable"] { overflow-y: scroll; margin-right: -16px; /* cut off 16 pixels no matter what*/} Do you guys have any idea how should i check:If the page doesn't have the scroll bar, do not run the code, but if it has it, run it! Thanks in advance!
  5. hi all,i have a <div>and in it, it looks like this... <div id="text_output" align="left" style="background-color:#F4F4F4; font-size:12px; height:150px; overflow:auto; padding:5px; border-bottom:#666 1px solid;"> how do i set the scroll bar to the bottum?
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