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Found 2 results

  1. How to grant access to only selected passcode? And to need to login into Disqus profile ( http://disqus.com/ ). 1.- So I give user a passcode that he than uses to access member-only stuff (so, it's a closed site) 2.- and later on he uses his/her Disqus profile to be part of community. 3.-and to have pc/ device remember that passcode was already inputted (like on Steam where you have to give you pc/ device a name) Thank you
  2. Hello, I am currently trying to make a form that when edited will updated what the table on the front page shows.The way it will work is by updating a MySQL database. In my code for the form I want it to grab the "flavor" that is currently showing, and place it as the " selected" in the option field, so who ever edits it can see right there which flavors are already showing. Please note there are TWO different tables in the DB, one table holds ALL of the flavors, the other holds only 8 flavors that will show on the front page: Code: <table><tr><td><h1>Change Flavors:</h1><br /></td></tr> <?php while($count <= 8){ echo "<tr><td><form>"; echo "Flavor #{$count}: "; echo "<select name=\"in_store\">"; $flavor_set = get_flavors(); $in_store_set = get_flavors_in_store(); $in_store = mysql_fetch_array($in_store_set); while($flavors = mysql_fetch_array($flavor_set)){ echo "<option value=\"{$flavors['flavor_name']}\""; if($flavors['flavor_name'] == $in_store['flavor']){ echo " selected"; } echo ">{$flavors['flavor_name']}</option>"; } echo "</select>"; echo "<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Edit Flavor #{$count}\""; $count++; echo "</form><br /><br />"; echo "<img src=\"images/line.png\" width='500px' height='2px' /><br /><br />"; echo "</td></tr>"; }?></table> The table that holds all the flavors is $flavor_set, the home page table is $in_store_setget_flavors() and get_flavors_in_store() and two functions that I have set to get the info out of the DB. Thanks!
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