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Found 4 results

  1. i have been going through the CSS attribute selector tutorial and have encountered problem i cannot resolve. I wrote my code as per the "try it yourself". As far as i can tell my code is written identical to the CSS tutorial. Below is an example of what I wrote: [target~="red"] {border: 1px solid red;} or [title^="tulip"] {background-color: red;} I set up a style sheet in notepad ++ and in my style sheet, the code in bold type remains black - which tells me my app isn't recognizing that bit of code as code. I have attached the style sheet so you can see what my code is doing. I cannot figure out where I went wrong. has anyone else encountered this? were you able to resolve it and how? thanks! attributeselectors-styles.css
  2. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong with the @media selector please? so far I have 3 css files, common.css works but the selector for 1024 (pc/laptops) and 420 for mobile phones. 420.css was working until I added 1024 but now the iphone, ipad and laptop just default to 1024.css. Am I missing something important? template2.html
  3. Hello, Having some issues with this Given http://codepen.io/caim/pen/pggZOx I'm trying to replace the first column from input to select dropdown but having trouble figuring out how to read the data for each cell. It was working fine with an input and normal td but now the select entered the picture and it's skipping one column. The day drop-downs are for newly added rows currently. This is how I'm trying to read the data, maybe I'm missing something essential here $BTN.click(function () { var $rows = $TABLE.find('tr:not(:hidden)'); var $tds = $TABLE.find('td:not(:hidden)'); var headers = []; var data = []; // Get the headers (add special header logic here) $($rows.shift()).find('th:not(:empty)').each(function () { headers.push($(this).text().toLowerCase()); }); // Turn all existing rows into a loopable array $rows.each(function () { var $td = $(this).find('td'); var $td2 = $td.find('input'); var $td3 = $td.find('select'); var h2 = {}; // Use the headers from earlier to name our hash keys headers.forEach(function (header, i) { // h2[header] = $td.eq(i).text(); //the dropdown value -> //console.log($td3.eq(i).val()); h2[header] = $td3.eq(i).val(); if ($td3.eq(i).val() === undefined){ // it's not dropdown ? read it normaly.. console.log(i); h2[header] = ($td.eq(i).text() == '') ? $td2.eq(i).val() : $td.eq(i).text(); } //console.log(h2[header]); }); data.push(h2); }); // Output the result $EXPORT.text(JSON.stringify(data)); });
  4. I cannot determine the css selector to use for changing the menu font with Easy Google Fonts API. The website I'm tweaking the design on is http://thetechranch.com (I apologize in advance for all the ads -- not my doing.) I successfully changed several other fonts and characteristics, but just can't figure out what the "selector" should be for the menu font. I have researched, read through the wonderful W3Schools tutorials, trial-&-errored with the Chrome inspector, and have finally given up, save for an answer from someone on this forum. I could also contact the developer of Easy Google Fonts if needbe. But I'd rather get involved with this forum. If you need login info, let me know. But I figure just telling me what the actual "selector" is--or better yet, the exact code I need to type into the Google Fonts API selector field--that will do the trick, and it will show me what to look for in future circumstances. Thank you.
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