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Found 5 results

  1. I'm trying to develop a simple theatre seat reservation system. I'm using a text file "seats.txt", where I store seat number and status (f, r, s) and read the file line by line. If the user clicks on an image the javascript function is triggered and the image will change: <?php $counter = 0; $file = 'seats.txt'; $line = file($file); for($i=0;$i < 14;$i++){ $counter = $counter + 1; $string = $line[$i]; if($counter == 8) { echo "&nbsp &nbsp <img src='R1.bmp' /> &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp"; } if(substr($string,4,1) == "f") { echo "<img id=$
  2. Hello. My name is Carl Gordon .The "continue to checkout" button on the shopping cart is not working.However, if one is to right mouse click and select open in new tab,it opens the checkout in a new tab. I want the button to operate normallywithout having to use the right mouse click feature.http://eyewasframed.co/ordertest.htmlPlease help me if you can. Thank you, so much.
  3. Ok, Hi everyone. I found this awesome and simplistic shopping cart on codepen.com BUT I do not know how to make it work .... :(TO begin with here is the link for it: http://codepen.io/bartveneman/details/KHxLGI am using Dreamweaver to make my website. So I copied it all, made sure that the links between my html, css and js are working fine and it still does not work. My problem with it is as follows: I did a copy+paste on it cannot shows me the cart without any items. I do not know how to add items without ruining the JS which will calculate things like total price, subtotal, etc. Things tha
  4. I am a super newbie that has learned all of this on my own so please forgive if this is a dumb question. I have a shopify website that I had someone help me with (That ripped me off and clearly didn't know or care what they were doing). Anyway I have an area where the customer can write a gift message for each product. When it goes to the shopping cart the message is displayed. I put in a calendar option where the customer can choose a future ship date but that piece is not showing up in the cart when they add the product. This is the coding that I think is relevant: This coding is the gi
  5. Hi, I am adding a product by default to each order so it will always appear in the shopping cart. What I am trying to achieve is for this product the Quantity remains set at 1 (eg read only). I have added some php to the cart body htm file and I now get 2 columns for quantity, one read only and the other is editable (I know this is an error but...). I know the ID for this product (39) but seem unable to get the conditional code to detect the ID and just set that specific one to read only. can someone please tell me what is wrong here? Here is the htm code, original, <tr><td class="m
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