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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I'm pretty new to CSS (still basic in HTML too, learned it 20 years ago and didn't use it much) and I'm trying to figure out if I can make my responsive sidebar sticky at top position when scrolled down (while the responsive action moves the sidebar to the top). Best example would be : https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_sidebar_responsive.asp I used this how to. It's exactly the same CSS, no modification except for colors. If you resize the screen, the sidebar moves to the top which is what I want. But it doesn't "stick" there (on mobile and PC). I tried multiple w
  2. Nesar

    sidebar menu

    Hi, Please help me with side nav bar, I have fixed the navigation bar but if I scroll down the page nav bar is coming above the footer. I need it in specific area. Please help me for this Thanks Nesar
  3. i cant make background color fully the entire page with fixed sidebar, can you help me to give the background color fully in main side bar. sorry for my bad english :) This the link fixed sidebar
  4. pappasa

    Resizable side bar

    Can you please add an example with a side bar that may be resized by the user? For example like the one you have in the Tryit Editor.
  5. Hello. I'm upgrading an old site - & created a new subdomain & copying all the code slowly - upgrading to W3CSS & validating the code.. Anyway, On the left menu, There is a side-menu. I can click on it & it disapears / re-appears. It was working up until a few days ago. But i continued upgrading it today & noticed that it no longer opens/closes. Ive double-checked & the javascript names are there - it looks OK. ive checked the full HTML & can see no duplicate ID's (2 ID's using the same name etc..) so everything looks OK. However it doe
  6. imraan


    Noob questions here, why does the w3-sidebar scroll as the page scrolls, I know the css itself has a "fixed" position but when I alter this I lose the 100% on the height and the rest of the content displays below the level of the sidebar. Is there anyway I can cause the sidebar to remain staticly positioned I don't want it scrolling with the page. Or do I have to resort to changing the css myself to make this work?
  7. Hello everyone, I am a new member. I have a personal blog. Last night, My blog was a confusing error. After I edit my article,my Sidebar suddenly pushed down the index page. I do not understand why ? I did not edit the html of your blog. I was sit one night to try editing, but still failed. I need help now. Please help me. - This is my blog : http://newstrafficmonsoon.blogspot.com/ - This is screenshot Sorry because I'm not good at english Thank you. God bless all
  8. Hello, I have created accordion left menu where first level is clickable and appearing a slide down tree menu. The accordion menu is rolling to the left where is appearing just icons. I want in this position to not display a tree menu after click on an icon but to unroll whole menu to default position.Files are in attachement. Can you help me with this please? Thank you. accordion-menu.zip
  9. It is a three column theme. I want to make the space between the sidebar and the main content area narrower. And also widen both sidebars outwards. The site is: http://lifelessonshome.com/
  10. So, I'm trying to make this website for a friend and the sidebar is not cooperating! It is having a bit of issues it keeps on going underneath all of the content instead of going to the right side like it is supposed to do! I'm going to insert some code and tell me if you see something that will make the sidebar go off to the bottom instead of going to the side! Sorry the code snippet is not working <html> <head> <title>About Us | NueroEdge</title> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <meta name="description" content=""
  11. For my WordPress site, beta.cleantelligent.com , I have a blog which has a custom sidebar. (sidebar-blog.php)When you click on a single post (single.php), the sidebar goes away, even though it is correctly coded into the php.http://pastebin.com/sRE1GV1W - Single.phphttp://pastebin.com/Q6ej6qM5 - sidebar-blog.phpIs there any idea why this isn't showing up? I'm not super proficient when it comes to editing functions.php, so if it involves that, please explain it in simple terms and specifically.Thank you!
  12. Hi. I've worked with HTML a bit in the past but I'm a bit rusty. Actually, I'm very rusty as it's been some time. When the Home page for my online shop loads, the sidebar navigation links are all open - both the Parent links and all the sub-links as well-and I want just the Parent links to appear as closed, and then have all the associated sub links open when the Parent link is clicked. Subsequently, all the subsection links would open and close when clicked, either individually or when the Parent link is reclicked to close the entire section. As it is now, there about 50 links
  13. Hey guys, I am attempting to update a wordpress theme to make my content area take up more of the screen real estate. RIght now it has such a small area in the middle.I would like to see a 10% margin on either side of the content and navigation bars. with the side bar appropriately placed next to the content as you would expect it to be.I am making my adjustment in a secondary stylesheet that would replace values in the original on wordpress, but I am having a hard time getting the pieces where they need to be. One adjustment screws up the navigation bar, while another moves the sidebar either
  14. Hi all, As the title tells you already my website isn't shown properly in IE (any version). On my mac everything is fine. But as you can see on the screenshot my sidebar is too narrow in IE. I want it to be as long as the footer. I would be happy if someone could tell me what I put wrongly or didn't put at all in my CSS.. Thanks! PS: I made it in WORDPRESS, theme=Twenty Eleven, sidebar="#secondary" http://f.cl.ly/items/2N432K3b123J190i1p03/Naamloos.jpg My child-CSS: #page {margin-top:0px; font-family:Helvetica Neue; background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); margin-bottom:
  15. Hi, I have a wordpress blog, http://bupphawitt.com/, that I want to create extra sidebars outside the container, and on both sides of it. The sidebars have to be fixed, so that when I scroll down the page the sidebars remain fixed. Please see yahoo page for similar idea I want to create, http://www.yahoo.com/. Have a look at its left sidebar, which is how I want my site to be, just the extra boxes on both sides. I have tried to create a wrapper outside it, but unsuccessful. I must have done something wrong. Can someone please guide me to the right direction? Any help would be highly appreciate
  16. Hi!I have a problem with a child theme I made. The sidebar is stuck to the bottom of the wrapper. What might cause the problem?The site:http://www.kappfjell.seGreatful for help!Thanks!
  17. Hello, I am looking to customize by right sidebar for my WordPress website, and am wondering if there is a fairly easy way to do so with php code. I don't know all that much about code, but I have customized other codes on my site with good results. I am aware there is a custom sidebars plugin, but I'm trying to not depend upon plugins too much. And, I'm not sure if it has a way for me to do what I am looking to do or not either. There are certain pieces of my right sidebar that I am looking to have displayed on all of the pages of my site. This happens automatically by default. However,
  18. Hi all, I am a new website designer, and I have designed a website for my YT channel, with the help of DreamWeaver's inbuilt templates and CSS. I have been having problem recently, as one of the sidebars is not rendering inside the .container div, rather it is rendering outside it, yet it is still fixed. The contained element is a twitter bar, and I was wondering if anyone knew what could be causing it. You can see the problem here http://www.battlefie...ys.freeglo.net/The sidebar on the left should be right next to the black matte background like the sidebar on the right. Apologies if you try
  19. Im having a problem floating my actual PAGE content next to my sidebar properly.and i need help http://hajzer.info/
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