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Found 7 results

  1. Found these sites when I searched for w3schools in Google: Are they related anyway to w3schools? They are creating confusion by using similar domain name. 1. https://www.w3schools.in/ 2. w3schools.sinsixx.com
  2. I notice that some sites on the clear web but most on the dark web show their PGP public key. ​I have a pgp privet key that was auto generated along with my .onion url when I opened the tor browser. I also took a look at https://github.com/singpolyma/openpgp-php and my question is... How do I display a PGP public key on a website that relates to my site url using php?
  3. Hallo team, I am a complete newbie to WP and am entirely confused how to apply css codes to my style.css file. So please allow me to forward this question to you. I have a question regarding customizing my pages. I followed instructions on some sites (using Chrome inspector), copied it in my style file in WellNess Pro theme (Genesis Child theme), but it did not work. I also tried to generate codes using http://css3generator.com/. I am completely hopeless and confused, as I do not know to which place should I place them or whether to overwrite them. I would like to ask you, if you could possibly advise me on where to paste the code (I was suggested to add it at the very end of the style file, but no change occurred). This is what I´d like to do on my http://moreyouthfulskin.com/: 1) customize the content boxes (make them smaller and put the text centered) 2) put the flags in the header under the menu (centered) I would be happy if you could help me. Thank you very much for your help in advance. Kind regards, Milada
  4. siam

    Please Help

    I decide to create a social site and want to income from my site. but i don't know how can i income from my site without useing any advertisement. have any best hosting company and domain company, can pay their client for using there service ? please help.
  5. I have this website( awaenvirons.com) on a Hosting site called Hostparker....which I hosted on Internet on 2014 but it has expired late last year......so I want to ask if the website can be re-established the way it is before, if I pay for another plan.....I think it has been more than 4 months now.... (This site was almost coded manually by me and I knew what it took me to do that)
  6. hello everyone I needed a suggestion for my project ..http://tokmobkas.mangih.besaba.com/ yeah ... i just do testing in free hosting .. ;D may be that not yet cross for many major browser but not bad look in crome or firefox (can give me a tips for cross this)... thanks for suggest regards
  7. Hey guys this is my first site that I created : http://wheatleyspacelab.com/. It is supposed to be a fan site for the character Wheatley from Portal 2. I just want to know which areas i could improve and which areas I did well. Two problems that I have already noted, one the homepage the 3 boxes on the bottom have horrible text and I need to update the images on one of the slideshows. I haven't gotten around to making some of the other pages but before I do I want to know if my overall idea is good. Thanks
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