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Found 2 results

  1. var params = { maxItems: 100000 /* NUMBER */ }; //// result: INFOTABLE var itPartInfo = Things["Training.InfoTable.PartInfo"].GetDataTableEntries(params); ///***************************************** // ADD YOUR CODE BELOW //*****************************************/ var query = { "filters": { "fieldName": "ID", "type": "EQ", "value": partID } //partID is an input }; var idQuery = { t: itPartInfo /* INFOTABLE */, query: query /* QUERY */ }; //// result: INFOTABLE var result = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].Query(idQuery); So this code will return an item in an infotable(thingworx) which is basically an array of objects, it can also be thought of as a table where the array entries are rows and the object properties of each object in the array are the columns. So currently my output is displaying what I have correctly, I need to know how I could display say partID, Color, and MaterialType, my thinking was a I could use a sort function like var sort = new Object(); sort.name = Color; sort.ascending = True; itPartInfo.Sort(sort); But I am getting errors. Any suggestions?
  2. HelloI'm just starting working with web pages and I have an assinment for work to make web application (if you could call it that way) which has to take .txt file from one server then sort data which is in it and then display it on the web page. The data looks like this:2013.5.14 00:03:22;"555000000000000000";22;"ANSWERED". I have to take data lines only from certain date, delete numers which repeat, count their call duration, average call duration and display it on the web page. My question is can make such sorting with Php ? Or can I run programm in server, on click of the button on web page, which would sort it and put it on .txt file from which the page would read it and then display it? Or can I put c++ code inside the web page ? Thank you for any help!
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