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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, so I figured out how to pass a variable via a query string to force a child .html file to open in an iframe on a parent page (I posted a question here regarding this a couple of days ago). If the child file is specified in a URL like, www.dg-ad.com/PF-Skinner.html, some script in the child file, PF-Skinner.html, rewrites the URL like this, http://dg-ad.com/index.html?var1=http://dg-ad.com/PF-Skinner.html. Some script in the parent file parses the query string and forces the child file to open in an iframe name=pf_frame on the page. There is a function in this parent script called refreshFrame. It is set to run as an onload event in the body tag, if there it sees the rewritten URL it loads the child just fine. If there is just a basic URL the page works fine, the iframe is empty. Also, I am using SpryURLUtils.js to get a Spry accordion to open the a specific panel using a query string. It works, but only okay, the results are unexpected. The accordion panel contains links that load child .html fragments into an iframe. When I pass the variable panel in query string like this, www.dg-ad.com?panel=1 the panel opens but the iframe displays a page not found error message. Why would just opening the accordion try to open the iframe. If I open the accordion by clicking links on the page this doesn’t happen. Also, strangely, if I specify the panel=0 the first panel does not open, only the values 1,2 and 3 work (there are no values beyond that). Could the function in the onload event called refreshFrame be parsing the variable panel=1, loading it as a fragment in the iframe and then not finding it. In other words could using the function refreshFrame prevent using additional parameters in the query string. Thanks for looking and for any thoughts The code for both the parent and child are attached.index.htmlPF-Skinner.html
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