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Found 3 results

  1. ferren

    SSI at home

    http://evoligion.wordpress.com works reasonably well with SSI files for features common to several pages. I want to edit it off line, at home, on my own machine. The problem is that I haven't found a way to call the SSI files. I get conflicting advice from the web. 'Can't be done!'; gobbledegook code in strange languages, assuming that I am the mythical system administrator to whom one is so often referred; wild guesses. This seems like a universally useful process which should be implemented in a trivial manner, as simple as whistling for any other URL. What am I missing?
  2. 25 book chapters, with a common nav table in ssi that sets a 1-px border for <td>. Everything works. Now I want a timeline table without borders, (or border: 0px;) below the nav table. Seems trivial; the first 75 'obvious' approaches have not worked. I get borders everywhere or nowhere. It is inelegant to write <td class="no-border"> for each entry in the borderless table (500 times). Surely there's a better way? See the 2 misbehaving tables athttp://electromontis.net/evoligion/_G/Tim.shtml#Ti and, e.g., PALEOLITHIC. The first wants borders, the second does not. What have I overlo
  3. Hi, I have this page: http://www.sonicphantasm.com and before I do the other pages, I believe that separating the header, footer and anything else(?) would be a wise decision. I'm asking 1: Does this make sense? So I can add links to one page and they will all update accordingly? And 2: How would you divide the information up? I was using Dreamweaver (tsk tsk) and so the extra coding is confusing to me, especially when I noticed that body has a bunch of things I am unfamiliar with. So thank you to the one who has a moment to take this step by step with me! Below is all the code: <!DOCTYPE h
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