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Found 2 results

  1. Hello folks. I am currently learning Python programming. I have created a fill in the blanks quiz game. In this game, the user has to select a level hard, medium, easy. On the basis of teh level selected, the respective question and its answers are passed as parameters into the function, question validation, this function takes user input and sees whether is matches the question and answer input. If it does, then the answer is passed onto the function, traverse. At traverse, the blanks are filled in and the sentence is returned with missing blank filled in. This seems to work well upto filling in the fourth blank. At this stage if I get the answer wrong on the first attempt and I later answer correctly, it then prompts me to fill in the 4th again. Its acting like an infinite loop. I cant for the life of me seem to solve this!!!! The problem lies here: time.sleep(2) print "wrong answer you have", tries, " attempts left" while tries>0: print "Fill in ",blanks[index], " please" response = raw_input() response = response.upper() if response == answers[index]: time.sleep(2) print "congratulations!!! " traverse(question, answers, index) else: tries = tries - 1 print "wrong answer you have", tries, "attempts left" print "Arividechi" exit() codeaquiz.py
  2. Is it possible to get some graphic designer to work with me in my projects to make the design just in PSD? If i do that all i am loosing focus on my domain and it is hard to manage the time.all of my work is for getting experience and building a portfolio to get a web developer job later after completing my study. Till now neither i have any commercial projects nor any revenue.I don't know it is possible or not to get someone whom aim is like me or any graphic art student. I am not involved in any other forums other than this. So i posted here if i find get any pointers or help or anyone interested.it seems wired to me to open a account in any graphic designer forum just to ask that. I don't have any time limits,and credit will be given to them for the design,it will not be used in any commercial purpose or any profit other than my portfolio enhancement (credited design to them). in any case in future of economical benifits or commercial use of their works i shall pay for their work if they want. any feddbacks are welcome.
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