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Found 5 results

  1. HI i trying to create a website of forum textarea editor are necessary too for recommendation which editor are best for textarea such as summernote, wysihtml5 .... and how is work to store the data/value/text with styling effect in mysql database ? Thanks all of you
  2. Hello everybody, I would like to add a simple form to a webpage that will allow internet users to suscribe to a newsletter by indicating their email address.I do have the HTML code for the form and it works out fine, but I do not know how to style the form with CSS (font, font size, text align, etc.).Currently, adding the HTML form code to the page overrides nearly all CSS styling defined for the section of the page concerned :-( Thank you very much in advance for your help !
  3. How to change border lenght using css ? i have a simple code shown below HTML and CSS <h4>Headin</h4> h4{border-bottom:2px solid red;} Now this code will give a border below <h4> tag but how can i adjust the lenght of that border using css ?
  4. Okay, so my site, http://www.cleantelligent.com, has a specifically styled form in the footer. I had to use inline styling to get all the fields to show up where I need them. In Firefox and IE, it looks fantastic and all lined up. But when I opened it in Chrome, all the fields are misplaced. I tried using the following browser hack: /*Chrome Fix*/@media screen and/*!*/ (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) {.infusion-field-footer{ float: left; padding-top: 5px;}.chromefix-fn{ position: relative; left: -200px !important; margin-top: 3px;}.chromefix-phone{ left: -6px !important; position: relative !important;}} But it's still not affecting the styling in Chrome. Any ideas here? I can post any additional code you need upon request.
  5. Hello, I am new here, and this is my first post. I am no expert...not even close! I'm starting an HVAC company, and I am making my own website, simply because the money to hire someone else does not exist. So, that being said: please excuse any ignorant questions I might ask! There's my disclaimer. Thanks in advance for your help! OK, so I've read a couple books on this, and I am doing my best to keep semantics in mind, as the company's internet presence moving forward is important to me. One thing I'm wondering is how to get rid of the excessive space below heading tags <h2> , <h3> etc. I have tried setting the bottom margins and paddings to 0, and have tried things like {page-break-after: avoid;} The answer's probably right in front of my face! Any way, you can view the page I'm working on at http://www.surefireny.com The space doesn't bother me below the <h1> heading of "SUREFIRE Heating Services," but it's a bit much after <h2> and <h3> Thanks, and if you happen to see that I'm kicking my own @ss in any other ways, please advise.
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