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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I am New to HTML W3 Schools syntax highlighter is easy to use https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_syntax_highlight.asp Here w3 using "w3CodeColor(document.getElementById("myDiv"));" am using more codes in my notes instead of number of ids how a Single Class can be used? "w3CodeColor(document.getElementsByClass("myDiv"));" like this. Thank u
  2. GREETING: I would like to wish everyone at W3Schools a very Happy New Year! BACKGROUND: In an effort to speed up Matomo's performance without having to create a routine that will retrieve, save, and call the desire data -- a procedure suggested earlier by others -- I am seeking to set up a Matomo CRON job that apparently does the same with no additional coding on my part. Unfortunately, I am confused by the syntax. CODE (RECOMMENDED BY MATOMO): 5 * * * * www-data /usr/bin/php5 /path/to/piwik/console core:archive --url=http://example.org/piwik/ > /home/example/piwik-archive
  3. westman

    Javascript in PHP

    $string = 'Hello and hi'; $text =' <a class="link" href = "javascript:void(0)" onclick = "document.getElementById(\'text_div\').innerHTML=\''.$string.'\';">Text</a> '; This is code I am using to print $string in text_div. What syntax (characters) can I not pass through this script?
  4. To the developers of W3.CSS thank you so much for creating a platform that in my opinion, uses less code to create a web responsive site with bells and whistles built in. I had hand coded a webpage template, but now that Google won't rank your site properly unless it is responsive, thus my template goes by the way of the 8-track. W3 provided the coding to make sites responsive, but that was still more time that I didn't have. Then, came W3.css now I can replicate my template using W3css, THANK YOU! my original template used layers via z index, placement via <div>, and in pa
  5. The tutorials should use strict syntax (as a model for those who learn by example). For example, infunction myFunction(p1, p2) { return p1 * p2; // the function returns the product of p1 and p2}the semicolon is useless. The novice who does not know that the semicolon is a separator (not a terminator) will be lead to believe that it is required after the last statement.Furthermore, the equivalent formfunction myFunction (p1, p2) {return p1*p2}//returns the product of p1 and p2is more compact AND more legible. Putting a single brace on the final line may be preferred by some (eve
  6. I'm sorry if, to many of you, this would seem like an obvious question, but I haven't been able to find a satisfying answer yet. Consider this piece of code; <button onclick="myFunction()"> Type A<button onclick="function(){myFunction()}"> Type B The first one calles the function, the second calls a function that, inside it, calles myFunction. I have notices sometimes type A and B both work, sometimes only one of them works, but I haven't been able to understand why exactly. Also applicable to: var x = document.getElementById("example")x.onclick=m
  7. I know the syntax is "<?php ?>" if you want php in a html file, but if it is a php file, do we need the the "<?php ?>"?
  8. Following is the syntax of a rewrite rule/map contained in a .htaccess file. It does not have any effect at all. Before investigating other causes of why it does not work i want to make sure the syntax is perfectly OK, before writing the rule i did advice of course the apache pages regarding the rewrite module: RewriteMap prologizontas txt:prologizontas.txtRewriteRule ^prologizontas-ton-eafto-mou ${prologizontas:$1} Is the above syntax OK. prologizontas is the mapname and prologizontas.txt the location of the map(namely, within public_html).
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