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Found 4 results

  1. If you look in the DEFINITION and USAGE paragraph, you'll see that GETDATE() is being used instead of GETUTCDATE().
  2. HelloI know this is a total newb question, but i have the following SQL: SELECT FagNavn, adgangskrav, Ugedag, holdId, fagKode, CONVERT(CHAR(10), StartDato, 105) AS startDate, CONVERT(CHAR(10), slutDato, 105) AS endDate, afdeling, link, navn, deltagerBetaling, bt, niveau, Case When Ugedag = 'Mandag' Then frakl + ' - ' + tilkl Else '' End AS startSlutMandag, Case When Ugedag = 'Tirsdag' Thenfrakl + ' - ' + tilkl Else '' End AS startSlutTirsdag, Case When Ugedag = 'Onsdag' Thenfrakl + ' - ' + tilkl Else '' End AS startSlutOnsdag, Case When Ugedag = 'Torsdag' Then frakl + ' - ' + tilkl Else '' En
  3. I have created a T-SQL code, this code has created a Capacity Table for the year 2010 (See Below), what I now need it to do is repeat this for the following years 2011,2012,2013,2014 and 2015 all in the same table but I cannot figure out how to do this. This code uses other tables to provide it the results. Thanks in Advance.DECLARE @PitchType_Skey INTDECLARE @Site_Skey INTDECLARE @Capacity INTDECLARE @StartDate DATEDECLARE @EndDate DATESET @PitchType_Skey = 1SET @Site_Skey = 1SET @Capacity = 0WHILE (@Site_Skey < 127)BEGINIF @PitchType_Skey = 8BEGINSET @PitchType_Skey = 1SET @Site_Skey = @S
  4. I created a simple Stored Procedure (SP) that queries a table and renames the column names, and I'm able to push those results out to a CSV file *with* those header names when done manually.But when I try to export the results to a CSV file by running the same SP using xp_cmdshell with bcp, the header row (Col1, Col2, and Col3) does not appear in the resulting CSV file.ORIGINAL TABLE:ColumnName1-----ColumnName2-----ColumnName3Joe Schmo CustomerJane Doe CustomerTim Tiny MusicianQUERY WITHIN SP:SELECT ColumnName1 AS Col1, ColumnName2 AS Col2, ColumnName3 AS
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