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Found 4 results

  1. Brenton

    w3 css

    Good morning guys, I am using your w3 css to build front end form in wordpress for users to add content. While everything is looking great I am having a problem with the text area. Is there a way to make it as responsive as the normal input field? I have tried just creating it with <textarea></textarea> but it doesn't look asnice as the rest of the form. Thanks Brenton
  2. Hello everyone Anyone can help me i want show mysql records on .html page so plz tell me how i done and 2nd i m creat a sms submit form for user using text area but when i creat view.php page for show sms then show sms in one line of all text from sms so how i can do plz help me
  3. Hi! I'm new to the whole form-making business and currently beating my way though the basics. Right now i'm clueless about what seems to be a pretty simple and straightforward function. I want my visitor to be able to add values from two different <input-type>-fields into a <textarea>. These two values (being name and e-mail) should become a single row in the <textarea>. The visitor should also be able to remove desired generated rows with a simple click on the "remove selected"-button. The result should look like this: This part of my form looks like this thus far: <div class="deltagare-rubrik">Namn:</div> <input type="text" size="45" name="deltagare-namn" value""> <div class="deltagare-rubrik">E-post:</div> <input type="text" size="45" name="deltagare-epost" value""> <br /> <input type="button" name="deltagare-add" value="Add" class="button"> <br /> <textarea name="deltagare-list" class="deltagare-list" readonly="true"></textarea> <input type="button" name="deltagare-remove" value="Remove selected" class="button"> Very grateful for help, thanks!
  4. I am having the strangest problem. I am not really sure what could be causing the issue but it is happening in both chrome and IE. I am using a simple textarea for a registration form and in order to type in it you must double click. Here is the code I am using. <label class="search-text">Work Description: <span> Tell your customer what your good at!</span></br><textarea class="text" name="description" rows="10" cols="30"> </textarea> I have completely disabled the CSS file and the problem still exists so I dont believe it has anything to do with style. Thanks for the help.
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