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Found 16 results

  1. Hello & Thanks; Here is a ' mini-Tutorial: moving text to & from <textarea> & <pre> ' http://vmars.us/ShowMe/Tutorial-Textarea-Save-CopyTo-RestoreFrom-onLoad-Restore-RO-VM.html I'll also put code here for safekeeping : <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <!-- https://www.freeformatter.com/html-validator.html http://vmars.us/ShowMe/Tutorial-Textarea-Save-CopyTo-RestoreFrom-onLoad-Restore-RO-VM.html --> <title id="titleId"></title> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <meta ch
  2. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_input.asp I am trying to follow the above examples. Forms with INPUT and SELECT are easy enough, however the above page has no examples if how TEXTAREA is used ? ive used textarea successfully on normal forms, however I cant seem to get it working on W3CSS. All I see is a single line - Not multiple lines / textarea. has anyone got an example using W3CSS & multiple lines ? If I dont use inline-block, the input takes up the WHOLE line. i want label & input on same line. and yes, i am aware of readonly. i'll remo
  3. HI i trying to create a website of forum textarea editor are necessary too for recommendation which editor are best for textarea such as summernote, wysihtml5 .... and how is work to store the data/value/text with styling effect in mysql database ? Thanks all of you
  4. HI i trying to create a website of forum textarea editor are necessary too for recommendation which editor are best for textarea such as summernote, wysihtml5 .... and how is work to store the data/value/text in mysql database ? Thanks all of you
  5. HI i trying to create a website of forum textarea editor are necessary too for recommendation which editor are best for textarea such as summernote, wysihtml5 .... and how is work to store the data/value/text in mysql database ? Thanks all of you
  6. I am coding using WebMatrix and have a strange problem with textareas when I use the mouse wheel to scroll, The attachment shows results from two different programs. When the scrollbar is used for move up or down the same effect is produced except that the spacing between lines is greater. Any idea what is wrong? textarea problem.xml
  7. I am having a problem viewing the text into the textarea box on my published blog post. I can see it fine in the editor, but for whatever reason it is not showing up live. This is the code I am using and is not displaying the text: <textarea rows="3" cols="20"><a href="http://www.rebeckahstreasures.com/blog/categories/saturday-link-party'>http://www.rebeckahstreasures.com/blog/categories/saturday-link-party" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.weebly.com/uploads/1/4/3/9/14399682/21012_orig.jpg" border="0" width="200" /></a></textarea> What's even more per
  8. Will be very nice to replace textarea on "Try it yourself" pages on Ace editor. Demo: http://ace.c9.io/build/kitchen-sink.html Some of options: – Syntax highlighted editor; – Themes; – Highlight errors for HTML,CSS,JS,PHP,...; – Emmet; – Find/Replace by text/regexp – and more. Keyboard Shortcuts: https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/wiki/Default-Keyboard-Shortcuts Simple variant: http://jsfiddle.net/ertutggz/5/
  9. I am trying to improve one or two of my websites by using a Send email script and adding a larger text box to the form.I can't get the textarea function to work properly. It creates the textarea box but it puts the code for the "reset" and "submit" buttons inside the box??? How can I get the "reset" and "Submit" buttons below the textarea box?Here is the original code without textarea:<!DOCTYPE html><html><body><h2>Send e-mail to someone@example.com:</h2><form action="MAILTO:someone@example.com" method="post" enctype="text/plain">Name:<br><input typ
  10. Hi, I am looking for the ability to display an XML sent from the backend on the UI (In a Text area probably), Be able to make changes to it and send it back to the server in the same XML format. I checked that spring MVC offers MediaType.APPLICATION_XML and I am looking into it. If someone knows a better way or if the one I am looking into is wrong, please advise. Thanks
  11. Hello Internet, I have a basic textarea element written as follows: <textarea name="contact_feedback" id="contact_feedback" value “” rows="4" cols="26" style="border: 0px solid #000000;"></textarea> My dilemma is that Chrome/Safari they don’t place 7 tabs in the textarea when the window loads but IE8 does. Can I use in-line CSS or something else to eliminate these tabs when the window loads? Thanks!
  12. Olá, pessoal... Estou testando um script (jQuery2.0.2) para transferir o texto digitado em um elemento (tr/td/textarea) para um outro elemento (tr/td/ul) na mesma tabela. O script transfere o texto, mas três coisas indesejadas estão ocorrendo: 1 - ele transfere a textarea para o destino (não apenas o conteúdo); 2 - a textarea some do lugar de origem; e 3 - em se atualizando a página, vê-se que apenas a visualização foi feita, mas o novo estado da lista não foi salvo. Para mim já estaria ótimo se os 3 itens acima fossem corrigidos. Alguém gostaria de comentar uma sugestão para me ajudar?
  13. Hi! I'm new to the whole form-making business and currently beating my way though the basics. Right now i'm clueless about what seems to be a pretty simple and straightforward function. I want my visitor to be able to add values from two different <input-type>-fields into a <textarea>. These two values (being name and e-mail) should become a single row in the <textarea>. The visitor should also be able to remove desired generated rows with a simple click on the "remove selected"-button. The result should look like this: This part of my form looks like this thus far: <d
  14. [color=#4f76ac]<[/color][color=#823125]textarea[/color] [color=#cf4820]id[/color][color=#4f76ac]=[/color][color=#4f76ac]"event_memo"[/color] [color=#cf4820]maxlength[/color][color=#4f76ac]=[/color][color=#4f76ac]"10000"[/color] [color=#cf4820]wrap[/color][color=#4f76ac]=[/color][color=#4f76ac]"hard"[/color] [color=#cf4820]cols[/color][color=#4f76ac]=[/color][color=#4f76ac]"50"[/color] [color=#cf4820]rows[/color][color=#4f76ac]=[/color][color=#4f76ac]"20"[/color] [color=#cf4820]style[/color][color=#4f76ac]=[/color][color=#4f76ac]"[/color][color=#cf4820]text-align[/color]: [color=#4f76ac]left
  15. I am creating a form that is captured and placed in an email. I have managed to do this fine with the exception of one item. when getting the value of a text area it will not maintain the user entered format. Thsi will be important when recieving the information in the email. what I need is this, when a user enters the below info in a textarea;---example---Reference line 1Reference line 2Reference line 3Reference line 4----------------- I need it to popluate in the email the same way. When I pull this infor like a normal input it comes out like this; Reference line 1Reference line 2Reference l
  16. Hi. I have a website using a PHP require_once template that I created myself. I required the template file in my head, and it has functions to include the header, top navigation, and footer (which includes a smaller navigation menu as well). The whole website works like a charm, except for the footer navigation on the contact page. It works perfectly fine on all other pages, as well as when I comment out the textarea on the form. I have been studying and experimenting with HTML and CSS for some time now, and have never run into this problem. If I put a link immediately after the submit button,
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