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Found 3 results

  1. I am using resized images as thumbnail links. I want the thumbnails to be 100px by 100px but I want the images to be resized so that their smaller dimension becomes the 100px edge and the other dimension gets cropped evenly from either end. For example, if the "src" image is 600px wide by 800px high, I want the thumbnail image to crop to 100px wide and 100px high in such a way that the original image would show up as though 100px had been removed from both top and bottom and then the whole thing was reduced in size by 600%. Here's an example of what I have so far for each image: <img src="img/image01" alt="Image Title" height="100px" width="100px"> This is allowing me to efficiently scale the images to 100px by 100px, but they're being distorted by being forced into a square shape when most of them are rectangular. Is there an easy solution I can paste into each <img> tag? I would also be open to using CSS.
  2. Hello! I am currently in the progress of building a map, using GPS data points. I have been gathering information about each specific point I plot using the GPS Device. When I export my work into Google Earth, I can click on a point and see a pop-up menu that displays the information gathered about that specific point. I am looking at possibly writing my own XSLT/XSL Template in order to display the information properly. Aside from internet research (Mostly here at W3 Schools), I have no training on XSL and XSLT. I've played around with it, hoping for blind luck, but to no avail. Does anyone have suggestions as far as learning tools, or where to get a solid understanding of what I need to know in order to convert database information into a formatted html table? Also, I need to incorporate thumbnail images in this pop-up menu, generally from the same file path, just different end folders. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Something is wrong with this, can someone, anyone Please Help me? What I want is a simple thumbnail with when someone scrolls over it a big picture of the thumb nail will appear. And when you scroll off the thumbnail, the big picture disappears. Here is what I have: <head><body><P ALIGN="CENTER"><TABLE BORDER="5" BORDER COLOR+"#6666CC" WIDTH="50%" CELLPADDING="4" CELLSPACING="3"> <TR> <TH COLSPAN="3"><BR><H3>BOOKS</H3> </TR> <TR> <TH><img src="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesthumbs1.gif" width="67" height="100" alt="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesbookcover1.gif" width="311" height="461"></TH> <TH><img src="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesthumbs2.gif" width="67" height="100" alt="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesbookcover2.gif" width="311" height="461"></TH> <TH><img src="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesthumbs3.gi" width="67" height="99" alt="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesbookcover3.gif" width="311" height="461"></TH> </TR> <TR ALIGN="CENTER"> <TD>The Divine Plan - Broken<br>$9.86<br></TD> <TD>When No One Hears<br>$10.40</TD> <TD> My Thinking<br>$12.30 </TR></TABLE></P ALIGN><P ALIGN="CENTER"><TABLE BORDER="5" BORDER COLOR+"#9999CC" WIDTH="50%" CELLPADDING="4" CELLSPACING="3"> <TR> <TH COLSPAN="2"><BR><H3>Children's Books</H3> </TH> </TR> <TR> <TH><img src="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesthumbs4.gif" width="67" height="99" alt="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesbookcover4.gif" with="311" height="461"</TH> <TH><img src="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesthumbs5.gif" width="76" height="100" alt="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesbookcover5.gif" width="311" height="461"></TH></TR> <TR ALIGN="CENTER"> <TD>Wack the Duck<br>$11.35</TD> <TD>Our Dog Bill<br>$7.13</TD> </TR></TABLE></P ALIGN"><P ALIGN="CENTER"><TABLE BORDER="5" BORDER COLOR+"#CCCCCC" WIDTH="50%" CELLPADDING="4" CELLSPACING="3"> <TR> <TH COLSPAN="2"><BR><H3>CDs</H3> </TH> </TR> <TR> <TH><img src="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesCV_300x300.jpg"</TH> <TH><img src="C:Usersodds10to1PicturesBrand New Websiteodds10to1websitefilesCVs_300x298.jpg"</TH> </TR> <TR ALIGN="CENTER"> <TD>Spreading God's Love<br>$11.99</TD> <TD>For The Fun Of It<br>$10.50</TD> </TR></TABLE></P ALIGN></body></head> That doesn't work.
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