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Found 10 results

  1. No no you are mistaken in the code of <p title="About W3schools"> this code why after about 'W3schools' why it is important? without W3schools <p title="About">like this we write the code. html dreamweaver software is showing no error & why "title=about" tag used for
  2. Namasthe, What is the use attribute title=about w3schools under <p> element? What is use of it and how we can use? HTML Attributes and you said in my last question this is the correct code you said in my last post according tutorials this is correct code. and this is the link title=about w3schools
  3. I have gallery that generates dynamically from CMS (ModX). There is a 'title' property for each picture. And there is also a lightbox plugin (Magnific Popup) for the gallery that is written in JS which works normally, but I cannot display those titles as captions for each popup image. ('titlesrc' property of the plugin does not take captions from titles of images) Here's what I've added to the plugin file, but it works only after an image is increased (just once), but does not work when I click on the arrow buttons to slide through the images: document.onclick = myClickHandler; function myClickHandler (e) { document.getElementsByClassName("mfp-title")[0].innerHTML = e.target.parentElement.getAttribute('title'); } So I need either to add an event listener for arrow buttons inside the lightbox to change the particular title each time a picture is changed or initially to make the 'titleSrc' property work normally so to display a caption from the 'title' of an image. Would be very glad if someone could help me with the task!
  4. I have a few HTMl questions: 1. Example: <img src="URL" alt="A picture of my dog, Luna, a Border Collie." title="Luna">What is the function for the title tag? When the image is not visible, the alt text will be displayed, so i do wonder, why one would add a title? What is the practical use for it? 2. We need to use entities to display certain symbols. Like "©" for a copyright entity. When i define keywords for my meta-tags, "keyword" to be more precise. Do i need to write "Pinguïn" or do i need to write "Pinguïn"?Charset is UTF-8. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi ,Recently start making a blog and i have an issuewhen I am making a new post all are fine except post headerI type it in Greek and text is not showinghere is my bloghttp://bianconeroclub.blogspot.gr/and my templatehttps://www.blogger....pandWidget=true It looks like it's using a canvas to display the text, for some reason: <h3 class="post-title"><a href="http://bianconeroclub.blogspot.gr/2013/07/blog-post_9.html">ev<cufon class="cufon cufon-canvas" alt="Ποποβιτς " style="width: 9px; height: 23px;"><canvas width="27" height="27" style="top: -3px; left: -2px; width: 27px; height: 27px;"/><cufontext>Ποποβιτς </cufontext></cufon><cufon class="cufon cufon-canvas" alt="ναι, " style="width: 15px; height: 23px;"><canvas width="34" height="27" style="top: -3px; left: -2px; width: 34px; height: 27px;"/><cufontext>ναι, </cufontext></cufon><cufon class="cufon cufon-canvas" alt="Καμαρα " style="width: 9px; height: 23px;"><canvas width="27" height="27" style="top: -3px; left: -2px; width: 27px; height: 27px;"/><cufontext>Καμαρα </cufontext></cufon><cufon class="cufon cufon-canvas" alt="οχι!" style="width: 7px; height: 23px;"><canvas width="27" height="27" style="top: -3px; left: -2px; width: 27px; height: 27px;"/><cufontext>οχι!</cufontext></cufon></a></h3> Template Owner dont reply to me any idea?
  6. This question is specific to named CSS selectors. There is probably an obvious answer to this question, so I apologize ahead of time. If I wanted to apply a property to a bunch elements I would use a class; could I also use an id to give individual properties to any of those elements? Basically, can a single element have a class and an id? Can there be multiple classes? If so, is this proper html to do it this way, for all the main doctypes?I'm just confused, because I don't think I've ever seen any examples whilst learning, in which an element has a class and an id. Are there any other methods for selecting name elements with CSS (that are compatible with all main browsers), other than "class", "id", and "title"? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hi, Still a newbie CSS person and have a question I hope someone might be able to help with. I have a Wordpress blog and a particular plugin allows me to output a list from certain database entries. I don't see any way to be able to attach any styling to the various list items. However, each section of the list does have a title included which is consistant. I was hoping there might be some way to style these in the site's CSS file .... hence this forum question. <li id="lead_row_3" class="gf_css_class odd" style="gf_cssall"><ul><li class="text" title="Your First Name">xxxxx</li><li class="text" title="Website"><a class="thickbox colorbox lightbox" rel="nofollow" href="http://www.xxxxx.com">xxxxx.com</a></li><li class="textarea" title="What's your Inspiration Quote?"><p>dfghegvrtshvtwrbhvtrw</p></li><li class="textarea" title="Now we'd love to know why you find that one so inspiring."><p>Eugiat alis hac faccummy aptent vulla cilit, esse put ilisismod, exeriure atis consenisim obor. Aliquatem velessectem endre gait consequ nostra do eraestrud senisl, quatums num augue. Ute endre tis, vero odolorperos dolutem modolore, elementum vendiatie irillam mi. </p></li></ul></li> As you can see, there is classes however they affect multiple areas. The only unique identifier is the title i.e. title="Website" Is being able to style based on this at all possible? Any help would be hugely appreciated.Martin
  8. I was just wondering how you can get a little logo icon to show up in front of the page title in a browser's tabs. Most websites seem to do it now but I don't remember seeing anything like this in the tutorials. Is it as simple as putting an <img> inside your <title> tags? This is more a question of curiosity at the moment. I haven't tried playing around with anything like this yet. Just wondering for the future. Thanks.
  9. Hey guys!I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to help me out. I am not really a programmer or savvy in that type of nature. I know HTML / CSS but really my experience is in the design field. I am using software called osDate.osDate allows you to give your site a title and meta tags from the admin interface, BUT... osDate doesn't support changing your title/meta tags for specific pages, this is a huge problem for me and the SEO of my site! Here's what I need and I'm hoping someone can help me out with. I want to know if someone could write me a quick tutorial or possibly show me how the code would work to do the following: IF we are on page 'page.php' then use 'THIS' as my title site. As an added bonus, I wonder would hard it would be to fetch 'THIS' from.. let's say a text file? or php file where i can define all the titles etc that get pulled into my title/meta tags? (the same theory would be applied in the meta tags/description) if anyone could gimme a hard, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  10. Is it possible to take all the pages from a website and make a spreadsheet out of the URLs and titles instead of having to manually go through the site and do it?
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