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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everybody. First of all, this is my very first post, and I wanted to congratulate and thank the creators of this site. It's really really helpful and I've been using it for a long time before even needed to post. I'm working on a music band site. It will look like a bandcamp site, but I want to be able to add/remove/modify/personalize everything. I'm just using a free web hosting for testing, and the code is still rough, but it's only to see how it looks like. The URL is: http://costarica.myartsonline.com/tdr/ My first two problems are with the "main" body part. I've created a DIV with a transparency so you can see the background image, but I want only the "box" to be transparent, not the content. You can see the code by clicking on the right button: View source code. For now, the file is really short, and I haven't used a separate CSS file (again, it's just to see how it looks like). The second one is the top and bottom margin of that main body box. I've used a DIV layout inside the main one, cause the content was too stuck to the left, but there's probably a better way to do it. I'm open to suggestions. The thing is that I can't manage to leave a top and bottom margin, unless I use the <br> tag, which I don't like. The margin-top and margin-bottom parameters don't seem to do anything in any of the DIV's style parameters (I've tried in both of them). .transparent {background-color: #F4F3F3;height: 1000px;width:1000px;zoom: 1;filter: alpha(opacity=50);opacity: 0.5;margin-left: auto ;margin-right: auto ;border-radius: 5px;box-shadow: 3px 3px 3px #000000;}<div id="body2" class="transparent"><div id="body3" style="height:auto;width:950px;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;"><br><br>(...)</div></div> Thank you
  2. How do you change transparency if your source was not a fill color? In this example the transparency is changed for a fill color but I dont see how you could use this function to change the transparency if your source is from an image: http://is.php.net/ma...locatealpha.php The only thing I could see that might be able to be manipulated to work is the imagefilter() function. however none of the filtertype parameters are for transparency directly, but transparency can be passed to the other filtertypes, so I was thinking maybe the transparency could be changed in a roundabout way or maybe I am totally off and there is a better way to use PHP GD to adjust transparency. http://is.php.net/ma...imagefilter.php Any idea, suggestions appreciated EDIT: DOH! should have read the user comments on the bottom of the imagefilter page, somebody posted a custom function for transparency on the fly. EDIT: Custom Function WORKS PERFECT! exactly what I needed
  3. HelloI am a newbie to CSS. I am trying to create a block colour hover when a mouse hovers a whole image. So the image appears normal, then changes to a transparent shade of black over the whole image when hovered over. At the moment it goes white and looks too faded. I still want the image to show under the black - just transparent with some white text on. Can anyone please advise me? This is what I put in my stylesheet: a:hover img {filter:alpha(opacity=50);-moz-opacity:0.5;-khtml-opacity: 0.5;opacity: 0.5;} This is what I have at the moment: www.kidsmoderndesign.co.uk Thanks
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