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Found 13 results

  1. I like to introduce a new css framework, Beautify.css. It's like bootstrap or w3.css. I can provide tutorials for it as HTML of markdown. Then You can publish it. Please help for the raise of a new css framework. Ask any Question, And I can answer.
  2. Just to preface: Thank you W3Schools for these tutorials!!! Now on to the possible issue: In your SQL Tutorial I am unable to view the "SQL Intro" page. When I click on it I keep getting "502 - Bad Gateway." I've tried navigating to it via the "Next" button at the bottom of the "SQL HOME" page but I get the same message. The URL it is trying to access is "https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_intro.asp" I was unsure if this was something others were seeing or just something on my end.
  3. Whats The Difference Between Home And Introduction Sections? Should I skip home section? Is home section important?
  4. Hi. I have been using this site to learn web development and I learnt html, CSS, Javascript and PHP from this site. I appreciate the this site for making it this much easy to learn something usefull. I wanted to start teaching some young people on skype some of these courses in our native language so that they might grasp it and understand it easily. I, due to some personal reasons, am not in a shape or able to type and make up my own framework of lectures and written slides etc. So i wanted to ask owners or admins of w3schools that if it is possible could i use their tutorials to teach some one on skype i.e. Copy tutorials i. Ms word or something else and use it as a basic written framework?
  5. i am trying to learn cake php, so before i have some doubts, in cake frame work can we write row queries in controller is that best way because cake php formats are very different. can i fallow the regular query formats and i need some reference's for learning cakephp
  6. I am very new to mvc field in PHP, so i am going to start cakePhP so i need some tutorials or videos, materials like can any one give suggestions and easy tips to learn cake php...
  7. Is there a page on the website that lists ALL the available tutorials? (I keep being pleasantly surprised as I stumble on tutorials that are not visible from the main pages, like the Webservices tutorials...)
  8. Greetings everyone! I just poured my life into a programming tutorial and reference website for beginners I was wondering what you all thought of the design, content, and structure of the website. The website is www.afterhoursprogramming.com. I am still not quite finished with adding all of the features that I would like, but it is complete for serving as yet another tutorial and reference website for web programmers. We can just never have enough of those Thank you for reading this post and I hope you have an awesome day!
  9. Here I want you all programmers to share the best resources that you used when you were a new programmer and which made you a great programmer. Be it online tutorials, websites, or downloadable videos. Share all that you can. Rizwan Ahmed Memonwww.facebook.com/rizwanahmedmemon
  10. While i was browsing in the forum i saw at the top of the section a pinned topic 'Tutorial ...' and i thought of this 'Tutorials Section' . I'm not quite sure whether there's already a section like this in the forum (if yes sorry for posting this topic), or if there are many topics-tutorials like this, but i think a section like this might be helpful.What i have in mind is some tutorials that cover the basics, the fundamentals or the general guide in some projects, for example making a login-register system with php & mysql, or maybe a custom cms, or perhaps a shopping cart / e-shop, maybe a blog, or a guestbook, or newsletter, or a rating system etc etc.Again what i'm telling is to give the general idea and the basics of how to create a project and then its up to the developer what or if he/she needs to add some more functionality.
  11. Hi niche, I consider you as my Professor (Instructor) and You consider me as your Pupil (Learner). You need to tell me what you want me to create or what you want me to learn? Just consider that I have joined your institution to Complete the CSS Tutorials. Like I said, certain things I know and certain things I don't know. Which-ever I know, I am pretty good into it and which-ever I don't know, I try to learn and understand it.But however, I am here to seek help from you (and other Members) to complete CSS Tutorials.
  12. Okay, I understand what it does, but I'm having troubles understanding the process of the set/getCookie functions given as examples in the w3schools tutorial.I'm a jQuery junkie trying to ramp up to serious scripting (eventually with Ajax and PHP as its becoming apparent). While the school lessons have been invaluable I notice they don't always have a comprehensive list of objects, methods, or actions that can be done. For instance in the Cookie examples, how where does 'exdays' get defined, what do escape() and unescape() do, etc. I understand parts but others seem completely unexplained. Are there any more comprehensive explanations of the cookie?Also, another example, they talk about the setTimeout and clearTimeout, but I never saw setInterval anywhere... that seems like an important thing to leave out of the school so I'm assuming there's 'gotta be a site out there where a full list of events and objects is being updated more regularly.Thanks!
  13. Hi, Not sure if you guys have checked into this, but having video courses similar to this Blender course (http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=454180391) would be a FANTASTIC addition to W3Schools!
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