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Found 22 results

  1. BACKGROUND: In an effort to obtain good responsive design I feel compelled to leave out certain elements that are unresponsive. I am loathe to do this. I have identified the element that is causing the distortion. The element retrieves and displays the referring URL. Unfortunately, in its effort to render the URL fully, the element causes the div to extend beyond the boundaries of the viewport and distorts the page. Now, I have tried to overcome this problem in the following manner, but it fails. #yp_container #current_referral_url { max-width: 100%; overflow-wrap: break-word; } Is there a better way to break up the URL so that it fits? Roddy
  2. Hall

    Changing the URL

    Hi Not sure that this is the right forum, but try anyway. I have just tried changing my URL from b2ctest.aposave.com to aposave.com/travelclinic. Now I can not acces my admin site, as it comes with this message: 404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. I just made a copy of the site so is there anyway that I can get access to that and recreate the page using my back-up?
  3. I made a piece of code to check wheter a url page exists. This is a part of the get_headers routine I'm using: <?php // check with checkdnsrr // validate with FILTER_VALIDATE_URL /////////////////////////////////////////////////// // get_headers part $array = get_headers($url); var_dump($array); $string = $array[0]; if( strpos($string,"200") || strpos($string,"301") || strpos($string,"302") || strpos($string,"403") ) { var_dump($url); } else { echo '<br><br> this site is insecure<br>'; echo '<br> use http instead of https <br><br>'; } } ?> The problem is that some websites configure their server either http or https but this does not mean that there is page content. What can be used to determine if there is an index.php or an index.html or any alternative indexpage used? The things I'm considering are: file_exists, file_get_contents or glob() on the other hand var_dump($array) gives in several cases the parameter: Content Type. The value is txt/html . Can this be used to see if there is a page? What would you recommend and can you give an example how this is used?
  4. I am trying to have my background in my division take up it's full height but it is only taking up the height of the header. I've tried setting the height but it doesn't budge. It will only fill as much content as I have in the section, the problem is I only want the one header and that's all. I am simply trying to recreate a webpage that I made on weebly with for my class in html but I am really stuck on this. I will post the code below and a screen shot. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> .first { background-image: url('trampoline.jpg'); margin-bottom: 1000px; background-size: cover; } .column { float: left; padding: 15px; } .clearfix::after { content: ""; clear: both; display: table; } ul { list-style-type: none; margin: 0; padding: 0; overflow: hidden; background-color: #333; } li { float: left; font-family: arial; } li a { display: block; color: white; text-align: center; padding: 14px 16px; text-decoration: none; } li a:hover { background-color: #111; } .footer { background-color: grey; color: white; padding: 15px; } </style> </head> <body> <ul> <li style="float:right"><a href="#news">HOME</a></li> <li style="float:right"><a href="#contact">ABOUT ME</a></li> <li style="float:right"><a href="#about">ABOUT FAMILY</a></li> <li style="float:right"><a href="#about2">ABOUT SCHOOL</a></li> </ul> <div class="first"> <h1>Hi, I'm Mr. Buza. Technology teacher</h1> </div> <div class="clearfix"> <div class="column content"> <h1>The City</h1> <p>Chania is the capital of the Chania region on the island of Crete. The city can be divided in two parts, the old town and the modern city.</p> <p>You will learn more about web layout and responsive web pages in a later chapter.</p> </div> </div> <div class="footer"> <p>Footer Text</p> </div> </body> </html>
  5. Is it possible to update a prefix URL dynamically using Javascript? Looking to implement it in SharePoint 2013 Webpart.
  6. <html><center><br><br><br>checks with get headers <form action="#" method="post"> <input type="text" name="webadres" value=" " required> <br> <input type="submit" value="Send" ><br><br><br> </form> <?php if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST'){ $sites= $_POST['webadres']; var_dump($sites); if (isset($sites)) { var_dump(get_headers($sites)); } ?> <br><br>Checks with curl get info <?php $url = curl_init($sites); curl_setopt($url, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); $result = curl_exec($url); $info = curl_getinfo($url); print_r($info); curl_close($url); } ?> </html> I made above script to test whether a webadress exists or not. I'm very surprised that a lot of inputs dont give any result, they actually give a php error message. using sites like http://www.facebook.com does not work, for it twitter it runs. pinterest does only run http and not https. I also found sites like http://www.bbc.co.uk or http://www.cnn.com and more giving no result. Can someone explain why this happens and how to securily check the existance of a website.
  7. Helo everyOne M Php Fresher I Need Help Plz solve My prob I Creat a view page using view.php For show db Rcords and send id one another page lIke - views.php?id=myrecodid&username So when I See This views.php page url no good so i want like this page/id/myrecodid&username so tell me how i done Thanks extra
  8. Hello! I'm working in a viewer with openlayers and with geoserver and I want to filter layers by a variable. I'm not going to ask anything about geoserver nor openlayers. My problem is about put variables in a url. To obtain geoserver layers from openlayers you have to call them by a url and to filter them you have to use CQL_FILTER. (Filter to shows only what the user wants). My viewer works fine if I put a simple value to filter: (gid_cuenca_id is a db column) var imbornalesSource = new ol.source.ServerVector({ format: new ol.format.GeoJSON(), loader: function(extent, resolution, projection) { var url = 'http://localhost:8080/geoserver/cia/wfs?service=WFS' + '&version=1.1.0&request=GetFeature&typename=cia:imbornales&PROPERTYNAME=gid_cuenca_id&CQL_FILTER=gid_cuenca_id=1&' + 'outputFormat=text/javascript&format_options=callback:imbornalesloadFeatures' + '&srsname=EPSG:3857'; $.ajax({ url: url, dataType: 'jsonp' }); }, projection: 'EPSG:3857' }); However, if I try to put a variable in the url, I receive an error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <I wanted to know if there is any way to put the variable's value as if it was a simple value. var myVar = 1;var tramosSource = new ol.source.ServerVector({ format: new ol.format.GeoJSON(), loader: function(extent, resolution, projection) { var url = 'http://localhost:8080/geoserver/cia/wfs?service=WFS' + '&version=1.1.0&request=GetFeature&typename=cia:tramos&PROPERTYNAME=gid_cuenca_id&CQL_FILTER=gid_cuenca_id=myVar&' + 'outputFormat=text/javascript&format_options=callback:tramosloadFeatures' + '&srsname=EPSG:3857'; $.ajax({ url: url, dataType: 'jsonp' }); }, projection: 'EPSG:3857' }); Thank you very much!!
  9. hi all i have been trying for 7 hours now and i can not find the best way to change 20% from a url string to a space. I am trying to change this "20%" to this " ". this is what i have.... $new_url = preg_replace('"20%"', '" "', $new_url); any help?
  10. Good morning Would someone be able to guide me with some coding tips? I'm trying to post some current page info into a form on the next page. Either pass the page url, the page title, or the H3 tags through the "Enquire" & "Book now" buttons from the below php file. The fields on the form will then be hidden from view but passed through the submit button. I need help passing the info in this code below: <!--<div class="fright">--> <p class="packagebuttons"> <a class="button print" href="#" onclick="window.print();">Print</a> <!-- <a class="button thickbox" href="#TB_inline?height=500&width=700&inlineId=modalEnquire_<?php echo $node->nid; ?>&modal=true">Enquire</a> <a class="button thickbox book" href="#TB_inline?height=500&width=700&inlineId=modalEnquire_<?php echo $node->nid; ?>_book&modal=true">Book</a> --> <a class="button" href="#goto_form">Enquire</a> <a class="button book" href="#goto_form">Book</a> </p> <?php ukgirl_modal_enquire($node,'package'); ?> <?php ukgirl_modal_enquire($node,'package','book'); ?> <!--</div>--> <div class="clear"></div> Many thanks for anyones help this close to Christmas!
  11. It occurs from time to time that a website url reference that is used site wide changes. For example if the site starts using php then index.htm has to change to index.php. Is there a way of creating site wide html variables for this purpose to save searching for and editing many references on the site.
  12. I have heavily relied upon register_globals in my web projects since years back. So, now when this function is turned off I'm trying the GET method. But I haven't found anywhere how I use this to pass variables through the URL from clicking a link. Here is an example of my code: <? if ($_GET["pageid"]="igbestallning") { include "includes/igbestallning.inc.php"; } elseif ($_GET["pageid"]="dialog") { include "includes/dialog.inc.php"; } elseif ($_GET["pageid"]="forslum") { include "includes/forslum.inc.php"; } else { include "includes/nospam.inc.php"; } ?> In this case I get the page "includes/igbestallning.inc.php" independent of which link I click. If I click the link http://www.gestaltinformation.se/500_dialog.php?pageid=dialog I still get the first alternative. I'm no programmer, so I try to keep things simple as long as I can understand how to make things happen. This problem eludes me, though. I appreciate any suggestions... Regards, Lars
  13. Hi All, This is my first post! I think this site is amazing. I love the little try it yourself windows. SO cool. So my question is this: how can I make a form that has two drop down menus (the first with 2 options and the second with 3) and a submit button which upon clicking will take the user to one of 6 html pages on my website. Drop down 1: -Fairy Goddess -Inner Warrior Drop down 2: -Young Adult -20 Something -30 and up Possible outcomes: 1. Fairy Goddess - Young Adult 2. Fairy Goddess - 20 Something 3. Fairy Goddess - 30 and up 4. Inner Warrior - Young Adult 5. Inner Warrior - 20 Something 6. Inner Warrior - 30 and up I've tried to get a start by modifying this check-box & submit disclaimer code that I successfully implemented on one page. I haven't an idea how to modify the JS to match what I want to do with the HTML. Please correct and direct me to solve this! The code I have now: <SCRIPT language=JavaScript><!--//Accept terms & conditions script (by InsightEye www.insighteye.com)//Visit JavaScript Kit (http://javascriptkit.com) for this script & more.function checkCheckBox(f){if (f.agree.checked == false ){alert('Please agree to the terms by checking the box to continue.');return false;}else{return true;}}//--> </SCRIPT> followed by: <!-- Consultation form code --> <form action="fairy-goddess.html" autocomplete="on"> Choose your Guide <input list="guides" name="guide"> <datalist id="guides"> <option value="Fairy Goddess"> <option value="Inner Warrior"> </datalist><br> Choose your age group <input list="age-groups" name="age-group"> <datalist id="age-groups"> <option value="Young Adult"> <option value="20 Something"> <option value="30 & up"> </datalist><br> <input type="button" class="btn btn-default" value="Submit" onclick="document.location.href='../disclaimer.html';"></form><!-- Consultation form code --> THANKS!!
  14. How can I create a form which creates a URL out of the input data (and goes to the page)? My aim is to create a spelling helper. The user will hear an audio file of one of the 100 most misspelled words. They will type it into the field, and click the "CHECK SPELLING" button. If they spelled it correctly they will be sent to that page. If not, it will go to a "Try again!" page, or at least that message will pop up on the current page. EXAMPLE: They hear the word "ACCOMMODATE", type it in and click "CHECK SPELLING". If correctly spelled, the ACCOMMODATE.HTML will appear. If not correct they will get a "Try again!" message or be sent to a "Try again!" page. I can imagine an even slicker UI, in that the correct spelling simply gets a "Good job!" message, and the incorrect spelling is messaged with "Try again!". (Fewer pages to create.) I looked around for such code, but could not find it. Thanks for your help!
  15. I have a working PHP created webpage, that I want to give a data sort option to. Currently, I am calling one of 6 different scripts, to accomplish this data sort routine. If I can just figure out how to pass the sort parameter back to the script itself, so that it will reload the page, using the new sort variable, I can combine all 6 scripts into a single script, making it much easier to maintain. My current button selection code looks like this: <td><form action="Get_Old_Assets_By_Alt.php" method="post"><input type="submit" value="Sort By Alt Code"></input></form></td><td><form action="Get_Old_Assets_By_Title.php" method="post"><input type="submit" value="Sort By Title"></input></form></td><td><form action="Get_Old_Assets_By_Prov.php" method="post"><input type="submit" value="Sort By Provider"></input></form> </td> I want to combine all of the code under a single script called "Get_Old_Assets.php", but I need to pass in one of the following variables: alt title prov I already tried the following: <td><form action="Get_Old_Assets.php?alt" method="post"><input type="submit" value="Sort By Alt Code"></input></form> </td> But, I can't seem to get the script to read in the URL argument. I tried several different things when refreshing the display. Here are a few of my attempts: $OPT=$argv[0]; $OPT=$argv[1]; Nothing! Actually, there were several more, but they're not worth mentioning. Inside of this same script, I want to initialize the variable "OPT", making it the argument that I'm trying to pass to it: Then, I'm trying to use conditional statements to check variable value: if ($OPT == 'alt') { .... } I also tried a "$_POST[name]", to recover the variable, but it didn't work either. This is not supposed to be an interactive prompt. It should only pass a new variable, when one of the button options is selected. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. I have remade my company webpage using very little php mostly because I don't know it however the last web designer seemed to love it and now all the links that are out in the big www start with "?p=" and I can't do a 301 redirect on those pages. how do I rewrite those links as they are coming in to change ?p=page to page/php so I can properly redirect them in my htaccess file. Redirect 301 /?p=oldpage http://www.mypage.com/newpage.php/ won't redirectRedirect 301 /oldpage.php http://www.mypage.com/newpage.php/ will redirect I found this in his index.php file and I think thats what he used to change the .php to ?p= $page = (isset($_GET['p']) ? $_GET['p'] : $homePage);$page = basename($page);$page = str_replace(".php","",$page);if(!file_exists($page . '.php')){$page = $errorPage;
  17. I made an update query that generates a google maps url link in a hyperlink type column based on the address in other columns. When I click on the generated link it works and opens my browser to the address in google maps but after I close & reopen access it doesn't work anymore even after using the query again, it acts like normal text but the url is underlined and the pointy finger shows. I'm guessing the function that determines if a string is a url is looking at the code instead of the result of the code . I am using access 2007 btw. UPDATE Property SET Property.Notes = "https://maps.google.com/maps?q="+Replace(Nz([Park Address],"Address")," ","+")+",+"+Replace(Nz([Park City],"City")," ","+")+",+"+Replace(Nz([Park State],"State")," ","+")+",+"+Replace(Nz([Park Zip],"")," ","+");
  18. Hi friend, can somebody guide me to provide a link (hyperlink) to a network shared folder.The link must work on all browsers.I am trying to use File.getCannonicalPath() File.getpath(), and providing path in <a href="path"> but it is not working.It is appending the path to tomcat root folder also. Multibrowser compatibilty code required.
  19. westman


    how do i stop showing .php in my url on my site?
  20. So the user enters a number. the number is stored as the javascript value "fname". When the user goes to a new page, i want that number to still display, but it does not. how can i push that number to the next messages? I looked at the php get method, but i don't see how i could automatically set the entry. So i just need to get this number to the next page. I don't really want to use cookies, i want to use the URL.
  21. atar.yosef

    Url Vs. Uri

    Hello there!! Just wanted to ask please what's the difference between those two concepts: URL and URI. Thanks in advance!! atar.
  22. Is it possible to take all the pages from a website and make a spreadsheet out of the URLs and titles instead of having to manually go through the site and do it?
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