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Found 2 results

  1. Dear friends, I am running with a strange problem of visual studio 2010. I have one of the already developed web application with asp.net and now I need to modify or add new modules in it. so I open same project and found design page error called as "Error Hresult E_fail has been returned from call to com component" in visual studio 2010. also I search it on internet and found solution like 1) delete temporary files for web application 2) Install fresh copy of visual studio or Repair visual studio and many more but none of the option has worked for me guys please help me to resolve this error thanks in advance
  2. Guys, I have developed a website in asp.net using visual studio 2010. before 2 days it is working fine but now whenever i try to ctrl + F5 (run) project, project hangs for infinite time. i have run same project on another machine it is working fine so i have concluded that, may be there is a problem in visual studio that's why i have repair visual studio but no improvement. then i have reinstalled fresh copy of visual studio 2010 but still same problem exist. I have also tried to run the project from another drive. i have imported my aspx and user control (ascx) pages from c drive to d drive and tried to run the project. at this time there is no hanging of visual studio while running, but ASP namespace not found. and hence i am not able to access my user controls(ascx) pages through ASP namespace. please help me to sort out this problem. can this is possible because of virus attack ? should i format the PC ?
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