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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. Im convertig anold site to W3-css & started on one page.. (i'll update the other pages soon). http://sudoku.kwister.com/main?file=2020041310 The problem is, that the black menu at the top looks like 98% of the screen-width on a PCC / computer, & the yellow title above it, is 100% wide. HOWEVER, on the ipad - the black menu is 100% of the ipad width, but the yellow title, is OVER the width (making the ipad have a left/right scrollbar - or able to move sideways). When i first tried to upgrade/fix this page (or page template), I had the w3-row
  2. Hey all, When I ran my project today, I noticed everything was all jumbled, and I hadn't changed anything. Loaded backups and still the same problem. It seems my CSS link to https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/4/w3.css has stopped working. Obviously I visit that link and loads in my browser. When I download the CSS locally and run it, it doesn't behave like it did before, and it looks like w3.css hasn't been updated since April. The new behavior with the downloaded/local CSS: Different font throughout the page Nav bar dropdown ) w3-dropdown-hover larger font/placement
  3. Hi all, Similar in idea to another post. I have a series of cards in a shopping cart. When I display them as quarter width, they are not the same height. When they are displayed they get mixed up further down the page. Here is the code I am using. (a what I have tried) So what I need is the same height for each card. Sorry I could not see where to add a code block. <script> #box{ height:150px; overflow:scroll; } </script> <div class="w3-quarter "> <div id="box"> <div class="w3-card-2"> <div class="w3-container w3-theme-l2 w3-small"> <?php
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