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Found 2 results

  1. I believe it's a pretty common observation that the w3-top class of w3.css works by hiding the page below. It seems to me that the default solution is to add some <br> , or setting a margin on the top of the page. That's good enough for layout, but that doesn't help if you use bookmarks with id: when you follow a link from an element with <a href="#example">, this will show the <div id="example"> on the very top of the page, where it will be covered by the w3-top class. I know it's a bit silly and not a huge problem but I'd like the user to get to read the bookmark without scrolling the w3-top class out of the way. Does anybody have any idea on how to solve it? Is there a way to set the bookmark a little higher (to a set height for every instance) on the page? Am using this to write an article with a list of references at the bottom.
  2. I want to use a fixed navigation bar (w3-top),but with a dropdown. I picked up the dropdown code from the "Open Nav Pane Hiding Part of Content" (w3-sidenav) code on the sidenav page. The problem i have is that when the menu (fairly long) was opened in the browser, it had a scroll bar attached to the menu. In the w3-top nav dropdown, i get the dropdown menu as i want it but no scroll bar is attached, so people can't see (or reach) the bottom of the dropdown. Any ideas on how to add the scrollbar to the w3-top dropdown? Thanks Satch
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