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Found 3 results

  1. hello dears I have a problem with my word document! shows error: cannot open the file because of content error! solutions done: 1. change .docx to doc 2. open by wordpad.exe 3. upload to google drive and try to open 4. change .docx to .zip and try to open document.xml but error in opening/extracting. So I wand to know that is there any solution to fix document.xml file?
  2. Hi, I just need a simple code to add space between words. I have some text above a pic so I would like one word to align to the left and the other to the right. So it would be (if you refer to the image) Seca 674 Information. One of my words is actually a link to another page though so not sure what I can use. I thought of using <p>...</p> but then the height spacing is too big (like the top image in the picture attached). Help! Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
  3. Hey, so I have another question about how to write a function. What I have is a prompt, that asks, what does "..." mean? What I want is a function that randomly chooses a word from a dictionary to enter in the quotation marks. Here is my dictionary: var translation = {};// Spanish dictionarytranslation.spanish = {};translation.spanish["gato"] = "cat";translation.spanish["perro"] = "dog";translation.spanish["hola"] = "hello";// English dictionarytranslation.english = {};translation.english["cat"] = "gato";translation.english["dog"] = "perro";translation.english["hello"] = "hola"; There are two buttons. When I press the spanish button I want a spanish word to go in the quotes, and I would respond with the word translated in english. When I press the english button I want an english word to go in the quotes, and I would respond with the word translated in spanish. I would use this to review spanish vocab. How would I make a function that randomly chooses a word to go in the quotes. I know I would have to use math.random, but otherewise I do not know how to set it up. Please provide suggestions and ideas, thanks!
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