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Save a grafic or a table


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Hi everybodyI'm doing a program in html with javascript, and I have to make a grafic or a table with dynamic data, (for example, the date command). I can't save the page because when I open it, it show the new data, for example.when I use var d=new Date() : :document.write(<td>1</td><td>d.getDay()</td>)if I save the page, if I open it other day, I'll have in the table the number of the day that I opened it, not the day that I saved it (but I don't want that of course, I want to keep the data that I saved)so, I was thinking to use a button that save the data like a picture or a txt document, to keep the data fixed, but I didn't find nothing in the tutorialIf somebody can help me with this, I would really appreciate it.Thank u very muchMarco

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