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php functions.

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I think you should explain abit more on functions like strlen and ereg, etc on the strlen function you chould explain not just how to return the lenght but also how to stop the lenght of the post etc if i want to have a shoutbox or something but i dont want my visitors to write more then 200-600 characters then you chould explain how to do that, or how to have a minimum limit of characters. It should not be a problem for a coder to figure out that himself but if a neewbie like me dident know how the he** i chould do it, then it whould be great to just go onto w3schools and read about it.And on ereg you chould write like how i chould use ereg with numbers like ^0-9 or just normal ^A-Za-z if you understand what i meen... not that you should write down every thing for us but just explain abit more, maybe you have it somewhere but i havent found it yet and i whould love to know :) hehe...->Kristian_C

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Strlen is only for determining string length, if you want to get part of a string then you can use the substr or substr_replace functions.
i allways use strlen to have limmits of posts/usernames ++..may be useing it tho check lenght in the new forum im makeing tho but now i just use for limmits.->Kristian_C.
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