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Media Player - Load Page in self frame


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I have a media player embedded in the page, and when the video clip is finished playing i would like to load a new page in the same frame but cannot figure it out?have tried embedded flash but that can only load in a new window.Basicly I have a index page when I want to play video i goes to a sub page and when that video ends I want it to return to the index page automaticly.Code for page.html

 <object id="Player" width=500 height=400classid="CLSID:22D6F312-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95"codebase="http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/mplayer/en/nsmp2inf.cab#Version=5,1,52,701"standby="Loading Microsoft® Windows® Media Player components..."type="application/x-oleobject" align="middle"><param name="FileName" value="video.asx"><param name="AutoStart" value="1"><param name="ShowStatusBar" value="True"><param name="DefaultFrame" value="mainFrame"><embed type="application/x-mplayer2"pluginspage = "http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/MediaPlayer/"src="video.asx" align="middle"width=500height=400defaultframe="rightFrame"showstatusbar=true></embed></object>

Code for video.asx

<ASX Version="3">  <ENTRY>	<REF HREF="juliaz.avi"/>  </ENTRY>  <ENTRY>	<REF HREF="circle.swf"/>  </ENTRY></ASX>

any ideas ?thanksmatt

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