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I need The top 4 feilds to be filled out, and the email feild to be in email format.

<html><head><title>Join New World Terror</title><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css.css"></head><body><table width="100%"><tr valign="top"><td width="12%"><?php include("navbar.htm"); ?></td><td width="88%"><h2>Join New World Terror</h2><form name=form1 method=post action=register.php>   <table width=100% border=0 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=0>     <tr>      <td width=24% align=left valign=top><b>Clan Information*</b></td>    </tr>    <tr>       <td width=24% align=left valign=top>ESO Username</td>       <td width=36%><input name=ESO_username type=text id=ESO_username></td>       <td width=40%>This is the user name displayed on the site.  Required.</td>    </tr>    <tr>       <td width=24% align=left valign=top>Current ESO Games Played</td>       <td width=36%><input name=ESO_gamesplayed type=text id=ESO_gamesplayed></td>       <td width=40%>This also doesn't affect whether you are accepted, it is just for us to know how long you've been playing. Required</td>    </tr>     <tr>       <td width=24% align=left valign=top>Current ESO Win Percentage</td>       <td width=36%><input name=ESO_winpercent type=text id=ESO_winpercent></td>       <td width=40%>This also doesn't affect whether you are accepted, it is just for us to know your relative skill level. Required.</td>    </tr>    <tr>       <td width=24% align=left valign=top>Email Address</td>       <td width=36%><input name=email_address type=text id=email_address></td>       <td width=40%>You need to have a valid email address to join the clan and will be contacted though it. Required.</td>    </tr>    <tr>      <td width=24% align=left valign=top><b>Profile Information</b></td>    </tr>    <tr>       <td width=24% align=left valign=top>First Name</td>       <td width=36%><input name=first_name type=text id=first_name2></td>       <td width=40%>Required.</td>    </tr>     <tr>       <td width=24% align=left valign=top>Last Name</td>       <td width=36%><input name=last_name type=text id=last_name></td>       <td width=40%>NOT Required.</td>    </tr>     <tr>       <td width=24% align=left valign=top>Information about you:</td>       <td width=36%><textarea name=info id=info></textarea></td>       <td width=40%>Just to say a few things about yourself.  Not Required.</td>    </tr>     <tr>       <td align=left valign=top> </td>       <td><input type=submit name=Submit value='Submit' onclick="check()" ></td>     </tr>   </table> </form><b>*All Clan Information Feilds Requered.</b></td></body></html>

I've looked over the W3schools tutorial, and even look at other topics about this, but I can't figure it out. Thanks goes out to whoever helps. :)

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you can check an input value like this

if(document.getElementById('inputFieldId').value.length < 1){    alert('you must fill in the is field!');}

and to make sure the email is in the proper format you could do this

var emailAddy = document.getElementById(EmailFieldId);if(emailAddy.indexOf('@') == -1 || emailAddy.indexOf('.') == -1){   alert('Not in proper email format!');}

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