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HELP - VBscript to process form data using an HTA

Guest Zico

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Hi,I'm new here on the board looking for some help. I'm from Atlanta and I ride sportbikes and race on tracks. Which is why I need help with a VBscript to create a ICS format icalendar file based on my form input of a bunch of track day dates.I need some help as I'm not a programmer and not a VBscript programmer.I think I have 90% of the script programmed. So, I hope that someone experiences can quickly help me out.In short,I have an HTA form where I fill in month day and year and these fields repeat 100 times on the form. So, I have 100 form fields all called month, date, year. How can I parse/process all this data using VBscript?I want to create a iCal (ics file format) from a HTML form where all I do is enter the dates of track days by selecting the organization and select the track from drop down lists. Based on what I enter in the form, it will automate creating an ICS file for me to import into any iCal standard calendar program. The main purpose of this is to automate creating a whole years worth of dates on a calendar for an organization since much of the info will be the same except the actual dates.This example, I have 10 events possible. But the actual program will have 100 events.The Summary and Description will be automatically generated based on which is selected (track and org). This will greatly automate all the typing required.I will have variables set up based on the organization and the track to provide links and info about each.Pseudo code:If track = Barber then insert standard text like a web linkIf org = STT then insert standard text like a web linkAll of the dates will be all day events, so the ical format date will be automated to create an all day event.Here is what I'm playing with so far...these are just a bunch of examples I threw together trying to get things to work. This is just a quick example.It's an HTA (HTML Application) file.. just double click it and it displays just like an HTML file.My Pseudo code and example with sample output (non-working example - just notes):http://www.video-cycle.com/ical/ical-notes.htmlMy actual running HTA application (I need help with this):http://www.video-cycle.com/ical/ical.hta (select RUN when asked; or save and double-click it to run)My doc and code zipped up to download:http://www.video-cycle.com/ical/ical.zipcode last updated 1/21/07

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