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.GIF's in Firefox

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Hi, folks. :)I'm putting together a web site for my brother. I added an animated .gif (Safety banner) to this page and noticed that the animation only works in IE, not Firefox (version 2). For a minute, I thought that Mozilla disabled animated .GIF's in their web browser. Then, I realized that I am able to see the animated .gif at the top of the Web page in both IE and Firefox. So, I'm completely unsure why one .gif works and another .gif doesn't. :) I didn't find anything in the settings that would allow me to change how Firefox is handling the animated .GIF.Does anything obvious stick out to anyone?Thanks for your input!

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What .gif doesn't work? It works fine for me and im using firefox I don't see any problems!
Thanks for checking. At first, the animation wasn't loading for me. I noticed that now, though, the animation will load the first time you see that web page per web visit. With Firefox, I need to close the browser and then re-visit the site in order to see the animation. With IE, the animation loads every time I refresh the web page.Either way is fine. I can live with it. :)<edit> It's the "Safety" banner that I've been testing on the "Safety" web page.
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